Let's Talk About Sustainability

This is an important conversation, one that we as a responsible company want to share with you. Although we are a young company, we are striving continuously to be more sustainable. Throughout this last year we have made choices to get closer to this goal, but we are only getting started.

Like any company who cares, we wish to be completely transparent, to know every detail of our supply chain and the potential impact that it has on the planet. Last year we kicked this off, and chose to manufacture some of our products in Portugal, a large step for us as a small company to be sure where we source from respects their employees and the quality of their products. Every day we move closer toward products which uphold higher and higher standards of labour welfare, and certified ethical practices because we want to be proud of the product we sell. 

This includes sustainable choices, such as choosing organic cottons over synthetics for example or curating carefully planned limited clothing drops, that focus on the meaning and giving back rather than the amount we sell. 

So while we work on this, we ask for your patience, and we commit to making progress in both short and long term goals toward sustainability. We as a company maintain the goal to give back to those most vulnerable in our own community,  and for us sustainable and ethical practices in sourcing and manufacturing allows us to uphold that mission and do that far beyond our walls.

I invite you along with me on this journey, so stay tuned for our monthly sustainability update and to find out more about what we are doing to get there. 


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