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#Fashion #Outsidein #Social Impact


In September last year the team got together to think about one topic: humanity. After a significantly difficult year with so many ups and downs, the one thing that really stood out was the strength, beauty and resilience of humanity. With so much admiration for our kind and how we stood up to the toughest year many individuals had ever known, we knew we wanted to create a collection that was dedicated to us - humanity.
#Events #Fashion #Outsidein #Social Impact


Despite the tough times (and there have been many), there were a good few glimmers of hope and moments of joy. As I share some of this year’s highlights with you, I’d love you to take a minute to look beyond the struggles of this year and try to see those flickering glimpses of hope and allow them to propel you into the New Year with fresh optimism and a spring in your step. So here they are - my Top 10 Highlights of this whirlwind year!


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