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COVID-19 And The Homeless UK

COVID-19 is probably the most talked about thing right now. Something that only a few weeks back had very little impact on our day, but it has changed how we live for the time being. You could be the most positive person right now, known for having optimism, perseverance and a willingness to overcome obstacles. But if we are all honest, whether it be from the news or our socials, it’s been hard to not let fear slowly creep in to try and steal the sense of normality and safety that we once had in abundance. It’s moments like this that the importance of staying connected, whether it be with friends or family. We need connection to keep our spirits going, to have hope. 
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Annual Giving Back Christmas Party

The Man Shack Event This year we kicked off our third annual giving back Christmas party at the Man Shack in Belfast. For our team it has become on...