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Behind the Scenes - April 2020

It’s that time again and boy has this month flown in. I don’t know if it’s down to the fact that everyday feels the same or the wish for lockdown to be over increases as we look to return back to some sort of normality. Although somewhat hectic, this month has been amazing, from the distribution of 200 hygiene packs, launching our Hope campaign, our deliveroo partnership, new hoodie and so much more. Here’s a little insight into what went on.
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How Communication Can End Homelessness

Communication is the core of all human connection, from touch to words we all crave the deeper contact with one another, with loved ones or complete strangers. Imagine what could happen if seven people started a conversation with one homeless person every day. Take those 49 different conversations and see the ripple effect in one week; 49 different opportunities where maybe one of those people could help or impact a person living on the streets.
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How We’re Rewriting Homelessness Together

Rewriting homelessness starts with stopping. Stopping to acknowledge the person sitting in front of you. To say hello and offer a warm smile. To ask how they’re doing. To sit with them and listen to the stories they have to tell. To be human and to help however you can at that moment.
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The Oi Essentials Collection

Introducing The Oi Essentials Collection We’ve been so excited for this collection for a while now and here it is, OutsideIn introduces to you the ...