5 Places to Give Back to in 2020

We often take our everyday lives for granted. We have many opportunities that give us a fighting chance to live a comfortable life. Sometimes, we forget that not everyone has the same levels of privilege as we do.

There's people in the world who do not have the same opportunities as us. Acts of nature can leave a lasting impact on the economies of countries and on the lives of those living in them. With that said, here’s a list of five places that need our help. Five places that we must not forget.

1. Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Despite being the second largest country in Africa, the DRC is rife with disease, violence, and hunger. The political turmoil that was left from Africa’s “World War” has armed terrorist groups and displaced countless Congolese people. 15.6 million Congolese folks experience hunger on a daily basis, with 3.4 million children suffering from malnutrition. 

How can you help? If you’d like to reach out, you can donate to the World Food Programme and support eradicating world hunger.

2. Philippines

More than 20 tropical storms hit the Philippines every year ⁠— on average 5 of these are very destructive. The Philippines is located close to the Pacific Ocean and the country's Eastern Visayas region has been hit the hardest because of super typhoons like Yolanda, Usman, and Tisoy. 14.1 million people have been affected by Typhoon Yolanda alone, which left 7,360 people dead or missing. 

To support Filipinos who are suffering from the aftermath of typhoons, you can send donations or clothing to charities like Caritas Manila, Inc. and Save The Children Philippines.

3. Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico has witnessed the brunt of mother nature over the past three years, starting with Hurricane Maria in 2017. Even worse, the American territory experienced a disastrous 5.9 magnitude earthquake early this year, further plunging Puerto Rico into darkness.

Just like Extern’s efforts in helping the homeless through education and housing projects here in the UK, you can volunteer to help build affordable housing for those displaced by natural disasters in Puerto Rico through organisations like International Volunteer HQ.

4. Haiti

Even though it’s been a decade since the horrific 7.0 magnitude earthquake, the island nation of Haiti is still reeling from the effects of the disaster, with Relief Web noting that 32,788 people are still living in displacement camps. Aside from that, the earthquake has ruined Haiti’s economy and left it with barely any water and sanitation systems. 

If you’d like to help Haitians, you can send monetary contributions to non-profit organisations such as Clean Water For Haiti.

5. Sierra Leone

Due to past tensions between their government and civil militias, Sierra Leone is currently suffering from low literacy rates, as only 32.43% of the population know how to read and write. This prevents the bulk of the population from being able to attain liveable conditions and equal educational opportunities ⁠— a major reason why a staggering 60% of Sierra Leoneans live below the poverty line. 

That said, you can volunteer as a teacher in Sierra Leone if you’re passionate about making education more accessible for everyone.

Guest Blog - Written by Alison Madelyn 

Thanks for reading and hearing about places around the world that we can reach out to and give hope, even from our homes. 

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