A New Hope Sweet Hope

Launching Next Year

In 2017 we launched a collection called Hope Sweet Hope.

It quickly became one of our bestselling and most-popular collections we've ever launched to-date, leading it to becoming an OutsideIn staple every year since.

But soon, we're re-launching this iconic range with a brand-new and better-than-ever look. Will you be ready for it...?

A new generation of Hope Sweet Hope, launching at OutsideIn in 2024.

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The Meaning

Everyone Needs a Little Hope

No matter who you are, where you come from or what your life looks like right now, every single one of us needs a little hope to get us through.

Hope Sweet Hope was inspired by our universal need for hope.

It might sound familiar to the phrase 'home sweet home', but unlike a home, something which many people across the world do not have, hope is not just a place to rest your head - but it's a place to rest your heart.

Hope may not seem like anything, but it is a potent ingredient that keeps us going even in life's most difficult moments.

Our dream is to see people around the world passing hope on, from one person to the next, so that everyone, homed or homeless, knows that hope is available, it's real, it's theirs.

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