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We believe in transparency here at OutsideIn and that includes our prices. 

We all know that items are marked-up from their production costs in order to generate a profit to the store selling them. Afterall, that’s how business works and how things stay running!

However, for our Giving Store we’re doing things a little differently. Instead of the additional markup value going into the company as a whole, all additional funds are funnelled straight into our social impact. 

This means that any profit left after production costs have been deducted will be used to help further our social impact and our ability to support our Giving Partners across the world. This can include stuff like covering shipping costs for the deliveries to our Giving Partners, purchasing additional specific items needed by our Giving Partners that we don’t sell/manufacture ourselves, giving financial support to our Giving Partners and so much more. 

So, do we make a profit from the Giving Store? Yes. 

But it’s where that profit goes that makes all the difference. 

Please note that all items purchased from The Giving Store will go directly to our partnering charity for the month. This means that you will not receive the items you purchase. OutsideIn covers the delivery logistics and costs to ensure your generosity reaches our charity partner at the end of each month.

Please also note that as every purchase is a donation to our partner charity for the month, refunds and exchanges are not available for anything purchased on The Giving Store.

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