Hope and a Hat Bundle

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Not just two of the most iconic Oi pieces joining forces for an epic bundle. Name a better duo… Go on, we’ll wait. 

Wear One, Share One - For every Gift Bundle you buy, we donate a Thermal Beanie and 3 pairs of Socks to someone experiencing homelessness.

To look after me, check the care instructions below.

Quantity must be 1 or more


Due to the pigment dye in these sweaters there can be some colour transference and additional fading after each wash. 

We recommend washing your sweaters with like-coloured garments on a cooler setting. 


Our manufacturer employs industry-leading and environmental practices in adherence to it's comprehensive social responsibility program, named Genuine Responsibility They incorporate social; and environmental responsibility practices into it's manufacturing processes, while providing a fair, safe and health workplace for all of its employees. WRAP are world leaders in helping organizations achieve greater resource efficiency- reducing nearly 50 million tonnes of greenhouse gases between 2010 and 2015 in England alone.


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How it Works

1x item of Outerwear for you = 1x T-Shirt for someone experiencing homelessness.
1x pair of Joggers for you = 3x pairs of Socks for someone experiencing homelessness.
1x pair of Socks for you = 1x pair of Socks for someone experiencing homelessness.
1x Headwear item for you = 1x Thermal Beanie for someone experiencing homelessness.