Purple Hope Sweet Hope Sweater

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Due to the pigment dye in these sweaters there can be some colour transference and additional fading after each wash. 

We recommend washing your sweaters with like-coloured garments on a cooler setting. 

Our new Hope Sweet Hope Sweaters are manufactured in Barcelos, in the North of Portugal. With the area renowned for high quality sweatshirts and high standards for sustainability, it was a no brainer. We currently have 26 people working directly in the making of our jumpers: that’s 12 people working in the sewing studio, 8 people cutting the fabric and making up the pattern and 6 people managing the overall production. The management believes in the preservation and respect for the enviornment, equal rights and opportunities, the existence of a more just and supportive society as well as much more.

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The foundation of our company is built on a ‘Wear One Share One’ concept. This is where we empower you with an extra product to share with someone experiencing homelessness in your community. Since COVID-19 began we’ve evolved our giving aspect into something bigger, and safer! Now, every purchase will go towards rebuilding and renovating the community living space at Centenary House in Belfast for those experiencing homelessness.


Centenary House is an incredible organisation based in Belfast, Northern Ireland that supports those experiencing homelessness. They provide a safe space for those working through drug addiction to recover, and with this project we want to help by creating a personalised dream living space that they can call their own. We are excited for the opportunity to work beside those making a difference here in the heart of Belfast.


With your purchase you’ll be providing those experiencing homelessness in Belfast a healthy environment to feel safe, dream and thrive! We'll be bringing you guys along this journey with regular email, website and Instagram updates, so you can see the impact your purchase will be making in your community.⁠