Behind The Campaign

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After months of preparation, our 2023 Winter Collection is finally live! Countless hours were poured into this from countless people on our team, and after all the hard work leading up to the launch, we are so excited to share some behind-the-scenes insight with you on our biggest campaign of the year. 

So, come with us and take a closer look behind the campaign and what it took to bring this new collection to life. 

The Idea: Capturing That Winter Feeling

The idea behind this campaign was to create a sense of connection with our customers by drawing on the things we do, feel and experience in winter. Whether that’s hanging out with friends and sipping on hot chocolate, exploring the outdoors and creating new adventures, wrapping up from head-to-toe to keep nice and cosy, or simply digging out your favourite winter wardrobe staples, like that perfect Pom or that bright Beanie.

We wanted this campaign to resonate with people by drawing on these things and the feelings they evoke. So, we started to build our mood board around these things. 

The Tagline: Winter Made Warmer

With the look and feel of the campaign decided, we began to work on a tagline that we felt encapsulated the imagery and the emotion we wanted this campaign to showcase. After much deliberation, we finally landed on ‘Winter Made Warmer’ as the tagline for our Winter Collection.

We loved the idea that the clothing this collection featured was designed to keep people warm and ready to take on the approaching colder months. However, we also felt like it captured another very important aspect of the clothing - that not only would it provide warmth for our customers, but that through their purchase and our Wear One, Share One giving model, they would provide warmth for someone in need too.

So, ‘Winter Made Warmer’ represents the warmth we believe you’ll feel as you wear these items this winter, as well as the warmth you’ll provide for someone experiencing homelessness by donating essential items with every purchase.

The Shoot: A Two-Day Adventure

We shot this campaign over two days in an amazing location on the coast of Northern Ireland. The location, Waterfall Caves, provided an array of breathtaking views, giving us endless opportunities for that ‘perfect shot’.

We wanted to combine a mix of outdoor-focused shots, playing on the adventurous side of the campaign, as well as shots that captured the sense of coming together with friends and staying cosy in the cold.

The Dream Team: Many Hands, One Goal

Our dream team seamlessly brought the shoot together, from the littlest details of picking up lunch and lint rolling products, to the bigger things like taking the actual photographs and directing the models.

There were many hands that played a role in bringing each aspect of this shoot, and the campaign as a whole, to life; but everyone was focused on the singular goal of making this a success.

From every model to each person behind the scenes, this campaign could not have been achieved without them.

The Result: The Winter Collection - Winter Made Warmer

Well, what do you think?

Shop the full collection online now and make winter warmer - for you and for others too.

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