About Us


We’re OutsideIn - the purpose-driven clothing brand on a mission to rewrite homelessness. Bit of a mouthful but a whole lot of purpose too.

Now, you might be wondering why homelessness? Great question.

Homelessness is a global issue that affects millions of people around the world regardless of race, age, gender, culture, circumstances and more. It is an issue that has faced humanity for many years - whether you are experiencing it or just around it - and it is an issue that we cannot afford to leave unsolved.

When our founder, David Johnston, started getting to know people experiencing homelessness and as he began hearing their unique stories, he immediately knew that someone needed to do something to help share these stories and change society’s negative perceptions around homelessness. And as it turns out, that someone was him (plus a few helping hands along the way!).  

So, since 2016 when David officially launched OutsideIn, we have remained committed to telling the stories of those left on the ‘outside’ of society, rewriting the negative perceptions around homelessness, and acting as a voice of hope to people in need. And we could not do this all without you. So, thanks for coming along this wild and crazy ride with us.


Now, it’s all good and well to say that we want to help people experiencing homelessness but how do we actually do it?

Mainly through something we call ‘Wear One, Share One’. This is our unique way of using our clothing to make an impact.

Simply put, Wear One, Share One means that for every item purchased from OutsideIn, we donate an additional item to someone experiencing homelessness. And these additional items aren’t just any old items, in fact, they’re all brand-new, carefully designed, and created with people impacted by homelessness in mind. We make sure that the design of these items is always informed by our Giving Partners and the people they help. Why? Because we recognise that homelessness presents unique challenges that need unique solutions.  

Since we began in 2016, this Wear One, Share One method has contributed over 160,000* Giving Items to people in need across the globe.

*As of July 2022

For every item you purchase, we donate another item to someone experiencing homelessness.

There are so many ways to help people experiencing homelessness so why didn’t we just do one of those…?

Our Wear One, Share One model does not only provide people experiencing homelessness with essential items such as thermal wear and socks, but it also acts as two very key reminders:

1. A reminder to the person receiving these items that they are worthy of kindness, dignity and brand-new clothing.

2. A reminder to the person who purchases something from our store that they have made a difference and played a part in the larger story of rewriting homelessness across the globe.

Often donations can feel impersonal and a lot of the time, the products donated don’t actually meet the needs of the people they are going to.

Brand-new, good quality items are often few and far between, and smaller items such as socks and underwear are often significantly underprovided.

Our Wear One, Share One model not only allows us to connect our customers to their impact by giving them insight into who their products have been donated to, but it also allows us to work closely with our Giving Partners (the charities and organisations we partner with) to assess what products are needed and how we can tailor these products to meet the unique needs of the people they help.


Your purchase.

We are passionate about our purpose and from the get-go, we wanted to create a way for our customers to share this passion too.

However, we quickly discovered that even if people were as passionate about helping people experiencing homelessness as we were, often they just didn’t know where to start when it came to helping them.

Wear One, Share One created a way for people to have an impact on homelessness simply by shopping at OutsideIn. How is this possible? Well, when you choose something for you to ‘Wear’, you automatically ‘Share’ another product with someone in need.

Your impact.

We believe our clothing is more than just fashion. It’s a reminder that you’ve been a part of something so much bigger than you know. You’ve made a difference and that’s pretty incredible.

With every additional item donated on behalf of your purchases, people experiencing homelessness are reminded that they are valued, they are seen and they are worthy of good, quality, new clothing too.

We partner with homeless charities and organisations around the world to bring the ‘Sharing’ to life. They make sure that the products that are donated following your purchases are put into the hands of people experiencing homelessness.

We’re not saying that Wear One, Share One alone will end homelessness. However, we are saying that together, working alongside you and the organisations we partner with, we can make a difference, we can help those in need, and we can bring those on the Outside of society In.


Since OutsideIn first began we have partnered with over 40 organisations around the globe to donate over 160,000 items of clothing to people in need.

These products are always brand-new, designed by OutsideIn, tagged, wrapped and the larger items are available in various sizing and colours so that each person who receives them also receives the dignity that comes with having a choice.

If you’re a charity interested in working with us to help people in need, you can reach out to us on and someone from our Social Impact team will be in touch with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OutsideIn?

OutsideIn is a purpose-driven clothing brand with a vision to rewrite the negative perceptions around homelessness. Since we were founded in 2016, our main way of achieving this is through our clothing and our unique concept called ‘Wear One, Share One’. Through it, for every item purchased we will donate an additional item to someone experiencing homelessness.

What is the 'Wear One, Share One' concept?

Since homelessness is a global issue, we knew that in order to truly make an impact to it we would need a global solution. That’s why we created our ‘Wear One, Share One’ model. Through it we can help people experiencing homelessness across the world by partnering with charities in cities around the world. As OutsideIn grows we strive to grow our Wear One, Share One too, helping us reach more people in more places in more ways.

What products do you donate through 'Wear One, Share One'?

Our 'Wear One, Share One' model does not follow a one-for-one format and this is a very intentional decision. By working very closely with our Giving Partners we’ve learnt that the needs of people experiencing homelessness are unique and in order to truly be met effectively, they need to be treated uniquely too. With this in mind we’ve designed each of our Giving Products to cater for these needs by taking into consideration factors like style, fit, design, colour and fabric. Each of these elements have been informed by feedback from our Giving Partners as well as feedback from people experiencing homelessness themselves. Additionally, these products change from season to season so that the product is always providing as much help as possible.


P.S. When you click on a product you’ll be able to see what Giving Product is donated through our 'Wear One, Share One' concept on behalf of your purchase!

How do you deliver the Giving Products donated through my purchase?

Our Social Impact and Operations Teams do an amazing job at liaising with our Giving Partners and organising the delivery and distribution of your donated products each month. We usually work with several charities each month who receive these Giving Products. If you want to learn more about who gets your products, you can subscribe to our mailing list where each month we send out an update on how many products have been donated that month and who they’ve helped!

How do I challenge the perceptions of homelessness?

The more time we spend speaking to people experiencing homelessness the more we learn that one of the greatest gifts we can give to them is our time. For so many people experiencing homelessness there is a huge sense of disconnect from society because of the negative stereotypes that surround homelessness. However, when those stereotypes are broken down and we recognise the human behind homelessness, we make a real difference. A simple hello, a short conversation and, on the most basic level, an effort to acknowledge those experiencing homelessness are all things that we can do each day to make a real impact to homelessness and the people affected by it.

Is homelessness the same for everyone?

Homelessness is difficult no matter the degree to which it impacts a person. It is also a unique experience for each individual and there are so many factors which can influence a person’s experience of it. However, there are several widely known kinds of homelessness that one may face. There are still nuanced differences from person to person but understanding some of the types of homelessness that exist helps us to address these details better. These types include chronic homelessness, episodic homelessness, transitional homelessness and hidden homelessness.


To help spread awareness about the complexities of homelessness, our Social Impact Team strives to educate our team and our customers about homelessness and how we can help those who are impacted by it.

What's the vision?

Our vision at OutsideIn goes beyond just clothing. We are on a mission to turn fashion on its head by using it to reshape how people view homelessness and how they treat the people who are affected by it.


To achieve this vision we believe we need to educate ourselves in understanding the root causes of homelessness, its nuanced details and its biggest needs. In doing so, we hope to become more aware of what we can do to help and how we can become more compassionate towards those who need our help.


Through innovative products and empowering our customers to reach out to those on the outside of society, we believe this vision is achievable. We are not saying that our efforts alone will end homelessness; however, we are saying that together we can spread hope, we can meet needs and we can bring the Outside of society In.

Are you a business or a charity?

We are a profitable business driven by social impact. What we mean by this is that everything we do is done with helping those experiencing homelessness in mind.


Through our purpose-driven ethos and initiatives such as ‘Wear One, Share One’, we strive to make every single purchase count.


We want other businesses to be inspired by OutsideIn and to contribute to making an impact to the world around them. We want to set an example of how anyone can use their business platform to help stir change within our society and its most vulnerable people.