Wear One, Share One

Wear One, Share One is our main model of giving back. It simply means that for every product purchased from OutsideIn, we'll donate an additional product to someone experiencing homelessness.

We call these additional products 'Giving Items' and they are designed with the needs of people experiencing homelessness in mind. From their colour to their fit and even their fabric, every element is intended to support the unique needs of those most in need.

Meet Our Giving Items


Socks are the most frequently requested items among our Giving Partners. Our Socks are thick, absorbent and come in different colours so that the people they go to get to choose what they feel comfortable in. Socks are essential for comfort and foot health.


Headwear is so important, both in the warmer and the colder seasons. When it's warm we donate Caps which provide protection from the heat, and in the colder months we provide Thermal Beanies to keep the head warm.


During the warmer months we provide T-Shirts to offer those in need a change of clothes suitable for the season. We work with our Giving Partners to learn what style, fit and feel is best suited to meet the needs of their service-users.


Our Giving Partners

Our Giving Partners are the charities and organisations we partner with to make our Wear One, Share One possible. They accept the Giving Items donated through your purchases and then distribute them to the people in need who rely on their services. Without our Giving Partners we couldn't do what we do.

Have a look below at what some of them have said about us.

Liverpool Homeless Outreach

“All of the residents at DJK Recovery House in Liverpool have recently come out of homelessness and/or an addiction to drugs and alcohol. With the help of the Oi Fam, we supplied each of them with Oi Hats. Most of these guys have nothing at all and are seeking to rebuild their lives, and so, receiving something as simple as a hat shows that people like those at OutsideIn really do care.”

Vince Hessey

Soup Kitchen London

At the end of 2020, OutsideIn reached out to find out how they could help. They helped to raise a tremendous amount of money for us and, even more importantly, donated hundreds of essential clothing items that our guests were so grateful to have. Warm clothing during the winter is crucial to survival when you’re sleeping rough.

We are so proud to have OutsideIn as partners as we do our part to tackle homelessness in London.”

Alex Brown