As always, the Fashion Department at OutsideIn is buzzing with new ideas, upcoming products and out-of-the-box innovation! We are SO excited to drop what we’ve been working on for our Spring/Summer Collections, and we’re already in the thick of planning some very exciting things to launch later this year in our Autumn/Winter Collections. So, here’s the 411 on all things fashion at OutsideIn with our Junior Designer, Keris! 


Hey, Oi Fam!

My name is Keris and I had the pleasure of joining the Oi Fam at the beginning of the year as a Junior Designer on the Fashion Team. We have some very exciting, bright and FUN stuff coming for you guys this summer (watch this space...) and on top of that, we’re also getting stuck into the nitty-gritty of innovating our giving products that make our Wear One, Share One giving initiative possible! After going through and responding to the feedback we’ve received from various charities and organisations that we work with (shoutout to our Social Impact team!), we wanted to design products that are both wanted and needed by the individuals these organisations help.

With this feedback in mind, we are currently in the development stages of producing our very own gloves and unisex underwear - niche, but practical and surprisingly very cool! They’re also so COMFORTABLE due to their fabric which is primarily made of modal – a man-made fabric composed of beech tree fibres, known for being lightweight and breathable. Plus, it’s also biodegradable: YEY!

We have been working hard to become more conscious of and responsible about how our production process affects the environment. By using more recycled materials, switching to biodegradable packaging, utilising our incredible in-house production equipment (and our even more brilliant Fashion Production Team!) to produce more of our products right here on-site thereby reducing the use of transport and allowing us to create less waste, we think we’re on the right track and we’re super proud of it. If you’re keen to read more about our journey towards sustainable products and production, check out Christabel’s quarterly updates on the blog!

If you keep up with us on our socials, you’ll know that another major part of our efforts to reduce waste is our OutsideIn Depop page! This is where you can nab some unique pieces made by our Fashion Production Team as well as some of our best-sellers that are no longer available on our main online store! Plus you’ll save some cash while you’re at it - win-win! Find us on Depop @weareoi if you’re wondering! And on that note, this June is Repurposing Month at OutsideIn! Instead of letting surplus stock go to waste, we’re breathing some new life into it which opens the door to even MORE unique and custom pieces, MORE creativity and... LESS waste! So, keep your eyes peeled on our Depop, website and socials throughout June for some exclusive drops 👀

Get them while they’re hot 🔥

Catch you soon, Oi Fam!



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