So, the holidays are here and for some that looks like feasts and festivities or songs around the Christmas tree. For others, it’s defined by Christmas lights and sugary delights, time spent with family and turkey-filled dinners. All around the world, no matter what your traditions look like or how you spend the 25th of December, Christmas is a time that has captured the hearts of people all across the globe. From the cheer-spreading to the gift-giving to the tree-decorating frenzy, it’s safe to say that we are Christmas crazy.

Yet, for so many of us this Christmas won’t hold that same festive spirit that we spent 11 months of the year looking forward to. Instead, this Christmas will be spent apart from those we love. Be it by social distance or a duty to stay isolated, this Christmas might not look the way we’re used to having it look. And it’s totally okay to feel disappointed by that. 

But even though this may not be ideal, this Christmas doesn’t need to be wasted because of the way it looks. So, if you’re feeling a little less than festive or if your jingle bells just don’t seem to be ringing this year, here’s a little piece of encouragement to give you some hope for the holidays.

Wherever you are this Christmas and New Year, we hope you find ways to make it hope, laughter and love-filled. 

So, you won’t be home for the holidays? 
But maybe home isn’t a place?  

Maybe it’s not a room with four walls or coordinates on a map but perhaps it’s a friendly smile, a heartfelt laugh or the warmth of a simple hug. 

Maybe home is found in the littlest of things that get lost in life’s mundane -
the familiarities we forget along the way of the days that rush on by,
or the moments we move past too quickly because we’re afraid of living too slow. 

Maybe home is not confined by the physical structures we decorate over occasions that occur once a year,
but maybe it’s defined by the presence of the love that fills it?

The hope we cannot see and the care we cannot touch, 
but the peace we feel deep down to our souls.  

So, perhaps you won’t be home for the holidays,
but don’t limit home to place. 

Instead, carry its comforts close, for together or apart, 
home comes from the heart,
and the heart is always there. 

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