What does hope mean to you?

For every person in this world, hope looks different. For some it’s the promise of a better tomorrow, for others it’s the simple comfort of a friend. But for all, hope is an essential part of life and getting through it each day.

At OutsideIn, hope has been a huge part of our journey since our humble beginnings almost five years ago! It’s not only the thing that has helped us climb the mountains we have faced as a company and the battles we have fought as a team, but it is the very thing which inspired the idea behind what we do. We noticed that for so many people who were experiencing homelessness, hope seemed like a thing of the past; a thing limited to those with a home, to those on the inside. And so came the idea to create a counter-cultural view of hope and what it looks like in full-blown action.

With this came our dream to share the message of hope to and through individuals of all walks of life and from all corners of the globe. A message that says that hope is not limited to circumstance, class or the place you call home, but that hope is open to anyone and everyone. To those with much and those with little, to the old and the young, the bold and the broken. Hope has no preference, limitation or prerequisite - it is readily available to all those in need of it. All it requires is...you. 



A few years ago we introduced a product with three simple words printed across the centre. These words were not unusual or fancy, in fact, they were quite plain! But the message they carried is a message they continue to deliver to individuals who wear them today. Their message has breathed life into society’s most vulnerable and gathered the most beautiful stories of human experiences from all around the world. These words have become an essential part of OutsideIn and what we stand for, what we strive to achieve, and what we commit to carrying with us wherever we go. These three words, simple as they may seem, are catalysts for change, drivers of compassion, and encouragers to the heart…

Hope. Sweet. Hope.

These three words can change the world.



Chances are you’re familiar with the saying “Home Sweet Home”. By definition, this universally recognised phrase describes an expression of great pleasure or relief that accompanies a return home. But, what if 'home' doesn’t exist…?

For so many individuals experiencing homelessness, this saying doesn’t mean much. If anything, it’s a painful reminder for many of them that they aren’t able to experience this in the same way so many others can. And that really bothered us.

So, we decided to reinvent it with something much more powerful and accessible than a home: HOPE!

While we are striving towards being able to provide physical housing to individuals experiencing homelessness one day in the future (hopefully soon!), we knew we needed to make a difference by addressing needs that we could meet in the here and now  For us, this looked like high-quality and highly intentional giving products, designed specifically to help vulnerable individuals.

As OutsideIn grows, we want the difference we make to grow too and we believe the best way to do that is to start a movement of hope. Not just any hope, but action-based hope that works its way into someone’s life and changes them from the inside out and the outside in. Hope that reminds the lives it touches of their worth, their value, their potential, and our support of them and their futures. For us, this kind of hope has taken on many forms, and as new needs that come with changing times arise, this hope will continue to evolve to achieve the best impact possible.

One of the most unique hope-driven elements of OutsideIn is our Wear One, Share One initiative. Without it, we wouldn’t be OutsideIn and with it, we have seen so many lives impacted for the better! Through the simple mechanic of providing each customer with an additional giving item for every product purchased, and then encouraging them to give that item to someone in their sphere of influence who is experiencing homelessness, we have seen a domino effect of true, meaningful, and life-changing human connection.

Wear One, Share One hasn’t just provided physically helpful products to those in need, but it has provided essential and completely transformative emotional support to those who have been rejected by society. It has helped to break down the barriers between the inside and the outside, and it has shown so many individuals the power of connection and taking a moment to show someone they matter.

Our Hope Sweet Hope range, which has contributed thousands of giving products to our Wear One, Share One initiative, is our reminder to ourselves, to you, and to those on the outside, that even in the absence of a physical home, hope can bring the same sense of peace, comfort and security that we all need. And unlike a home, we can carry hope with us wherever we go; sharing it with whoever we encounter and accessing it whenever we need.

You see, hope is so much more than just a place to rest your head; it’s a place to rest your heart - no matter who or where you are.



So now that you know the meaning behind our Hope Sweet Hope collection, why is this still so important to us almost five years later?

As you know, we are all about helping those on the outside and through our Hope Sweet Hope products and the giving attached to them, we have seen so many lives changed simply through the message they bring.

Our Tags of Hope, which are attached to our giving items and are inspired by the Hope Sweet Hope collection, have also brought so much joy, encouragement and much-needed recognition into the lives of countless individuals who are experiencing homelessness around the world. These tags, each with a unique meaning, have reminded even the weariest of souls that hope is never too far out of reach. While small and seemingly insignificant on the outside, they have made a tangible impact in the lives of so many and they truly embody all that we stand for as a company.



As we get ready to launch our new Hope Sweet Hope collection, we want to remind you that hope is never gone. We know that the last year has been a tough one and even with the dawn of a new year, it can be really difficult to look ahead toward the future with a heart full of hope.

Don’t worry, we get it. But as the last few weeks of February draw near, we want to remind you that no matter what is going on in your life or the world around you, hope is available to you. With just the smallest little bit of it, you can get through even the toughest of storms. Just hang in there, keep your head held high, and hold out for and on to hope.

Hope is sweet, it’s powerful and it’s real.

And hope is yours.

Then, now and always.




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