Love Without Words

Introducing our latest collection ‘Love Without Words,’ we are so excited. 1 design, 4 new products and every purchase comes with a hygiene pack for those who are homeless. Love Without Words is all about simple wordless gestures that make a difference in times of need.

Love Without words

Look at the art piece above. It’s not exactly in line with social distancing, is it? At the beginning of this year we set about to have an overarching theme of ‘Connection’ and when we got down to the different ways to connect, we thought what better way to start off than with physical touch. We can’t deny the importance of touch. It’s the first sense to develop when we are born, an important form of non-verbal communication and best put by Michael Angelo, “to touch could be to give life.” As a team we also looked at the importance of touch in our own lives and realized we wouldn’t go a day without a handshake, high five or a hug. With physical contact being the theme our tag line became ‘love without words.’

However, Covid-19 was something that none of us could have predicted and as time got closer to the launch, we started to wonder, was it right to promote a collection based upon physical connection when government officials around the world were advising social distancing?  Or was it in fact the best time to launch a collection all about touch? It is often when things are taken away from us that we truly understand how important they are. We have had to rethink our ways to promote connection but the message to ‘love without words,’ especially in light of what’s happening around the world, remains. 


The Design

There was ALOT of thought in this. When we met up at the start of the year we vowed that no matter what we created this year, it had to have purpose. Purpose behind the design but also purpose in how it helped those who are homeless. In the past we have been known for tag lines such as ‘Home, Homeless, Human’ ‘Hope, Sweet Hope’ so ‘Love Without Words’ definitely had big shoes to fill. Inspired by Michael Angelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’, we wanted to depict Love without words at that point of connection, of touch. 

For this design, we wanted to emphasise that space between the hands, right before the handshake, that space of opportunity and energy between two people. It is when you reach that point, eye contact is made, a little smile, with a friend or a stranger the compassion and intentions are felt. In the design, that is where the purpose lay, to encourage the confidence in everyone who sees or purchases one of the products, that a small act of kindness in their day could have a ripple effect beyond what they could imagine. 

With blue symbolising peace, calming and trust and purple, compassion, understanding and support we hope this design speaks much louder for those who wear it. A design to encourage confidence and conversation.

 Blue Design

The Giving

This is the ‘why we do what we do,’ and if there is one thing we want to look back on each year, it’s how we’ve improved our social impact and our giving products. Being a smaller company has the advantage of reacting to an ever fast changing world. So when COVID-19 became a global pandemic, we started to look at what was most needed by those who were homeless. Hygiene packs are a scarcity right now, so from chatting to Whitechapel Mission homeless charity in London and the OI street team, we realised this had to be part of our giving for the Love Without Words collection. So what’s exactly in these bags? It’s full of essential products such as shower gel, shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. We know these items aren’t going to change what’s happening in the world, but they could help change the world for those who find themselves homeless. Every purchase from this upcoming collection will provide a wash bag with essentials for those who are homeless. That's why we are excited about this launch more than ever, it’s all about the giving!

Wash Bags


Final Point

From the purpose to design,  the ‘Love Without Words’ collection is all about simple wordless gestures that make the difference in times of need. We can’t wait to hear the ways you are connecting during this time. Four products, 1 design, limited pieces. We hope you love it and make sure you get yours before it’s gone. 


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