Oi Thanksgiving 2019

Doubling our giving this Thanksgiving!

For the next 48 hours, EVERY American purchase comes with an extra giving product that will be donated to the MIdnight Mission in Downtown LA.

How Long For?

This offer is on from Friday 6pm GMT until Sunday 6pm GMT. Once complete we will inform you all of how many Items will be shipped out.

How do you get involved?

All you have to do…. Is order with an American address and we will do the rest. 

Where are the additional giving products going?

So we reached out to the Midnight Mission in downtown LA in September and were introduced to Chris who gave us a tour and explained more about what the charity does, how they help the homeless and the long term vision. They not only opened up our eyes to the size of the issue in LA but showed a level of care and compassion that looked at the individual needs of those they were helping.

So, who are Midnight mission?

Founded in 1914, The Midnight Mission has been offering a path to self-sufficiency to men, women, and children experiencing homelessness since 1914. As a comprehensive homeless shelter and homeless services provider serving the Los Angeles homeless community, they take an approach that fuses care and compassion with meaningful accountability, providing the structure and the resources that people experiencing homelessness need to truly improve their lives.

They believe that everyone deserves to live with dignity no matter what they’ve been through, and our multi-faceted approach to homeless services helps our community members make the changes that last.

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What does this mean to you? 

As our ‘Wear One Share One’ movement grows we want to team up with more and more charities across the globe who are doing amazing work to help those who are homeless. With Los Angeles having one of the highest densely populated areas of people who are homeless, we want to be able to help in whatever way we can. If that starts with sending over some of our products, then we are ready to help. 


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