OutsideIn x The Giving Keys

This is a big one, OutsideIn is launching online a limited range of The Giving Keys!! This is a first for us, and we couldn’t be happier to team up with such a great brand and cause. 

At OutsideIn we are always learning, looking to those who started before us, giving back to their communities. When the guys went out to L.A. last September, the goal was to connect with another city and create a network for change in an area heavily affected by homelessness. As a young company there is a lot we can learn from other companies making a change in their own city, and by working together making the impact bigger and stronger. Upon meeting Caitlin and the The Giving Keys team, we couldn’t have found a more welcoming and inspiring group of people. 

The Giving Keys are a pay it forward company, positively impacting their homeless community through re-employment. With every purchase fuelling more jobs at a living wage for those transitioning out of homelessness. Now with over 100 employees, the potential for change is immeasurable. 

For us this is an opportunity to learn how to be better at what we do, supporting those beside us in the efforts to rewrite how homelessness interacts with every aspect of society. They not only offer the re-employment but also a supportive environment with which to thrive in, flexible full time jobs to enable re-housing, education and case management appointments. Community and family being at the core of their mission, a purposeful approach to reframing how life can be for those struggling through the transition out of homelessness, a place of hope.


Each key has a word stamped into it, a word to embrace, wear then pay forward to someone who needs the encouragement more. For me I bought the Brooklyn dainty key with the word “Strength”, something we all need day to day, a word of inspiration I hope to pay forward. A small act of kindness like this can be the difference someone in need relies on to make a change, or take a small step forward. 

Not only do we believe in their ethos and align with their core beliefs to take action on the issue of homelessness, we love their products. OutsideIn is the first company within the UK to supply their products online, with a limited range we hope to establish a long lasting relationship between The Giving Keys in the U.S. and our communities here in the U.K. 

We are so excited to welcome this company to Belfast, to support what they do and encourage more like it. “One job at a time; one key at a time.” - The Giving Keys.

Christabel x

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