Last month OutsideIn wrapped up a very special collection focused on taking the old, giving it some serious innovative thinking, TLC and a healthy dose of imagination, to turn it into something completely and wonderfully NEW!

To achieve this, the Oi Design Team worked closely with the Fashion Production Team to take some of our old Oi favourites and repurpose them into a totally new design. From screen printing to embroidery and even a splash of tie-dye, we transformed 7 OutsideIn classics into a range of different designs!

With so many new and exciting products in the works, we knew we had to clear some shelf space; however, unlike many fashion brands who are forced to discard excess or older stock, we knew we wanted to do something that would allow us to shift some extra stock without adding to the big issue of ‘fashion waste’ in the process.

So, to see off this very unique collection, we got some insight from the masterminds behind Repurposing June! Rebecca and Lauren give us their insight into the production and Lucy shares some of her thoughts behind the designs!

And if you haven’t had a chance to check out the full collection in all its glory, click this link and enjoy!


As practical creatives, Repurposing June has provided us with a space to push our skills in embroidery and screen printing further than ever before, and we’ve had so much fun doing it!

One of our fave highlights from the process of pulling this collection together was choosing our favourite colour combos for the Bucket Hats! Lime and lavender or pink and red?🤔 What’s your favourite?

We also loved being able to experiment with different placements on the one-of-a-kind Navy Pocket ‘Lil Guy’ Fleeces! Did you manage to cop one?👀

Plus, even though it’s not always our favourite thing to do (😬)... We had so much fun being involved in the photoshoots for this collection! It was so cool to use the beautiful Oi Team members to showcase these beautiful designs! 😍

Thank you so much for supporting our Repurposed Collection and the limited-edition drops within! And whether you’ve copped something from the collection or not, we want you to remember that just like these pieces, you are truly unique!

Lauren & Rebecca


When I was asked to be in a meeting to talk about repurposing old products, I was SO excited right from the get-go!

I wasn’t really sure what exactly I would be doing for this collection; however, one thing I did know is that Rebecca and Lauren are crazy creatives who love making super fun clothing! And so, it was a no-brainer that whatever part I did have to play in that was going to be a cool one.

I was tasked with creating all the illustrations and designs that you’ll find all over your repurposed items! From imagination to creation, seeing my designs come to life was such a fun experience!

Before we launched the collection, we spent a few weeks brainstorming right here at the Oi HQ, thinking of different phrases and images that we felt you, the Oi Fam, would want to rep on some of your favourite Oi pieces such as our Hope Sweet Hope Tees or our Bucket Hats.

After A LOT of hard work and imagination, we finally came up with a collection of illustrative and graphic designs that you, our customers, have seemed to LOVE! From our unique little Heart Guys dotted all around the Navy Pocket Fleece to the ‘Hope for a Rainy Day’ illustration on the back of the camel sweater, I created each design with each of the Oi Fam in mind.

Everything you see was made to encourage and inspire you over this month, and hopefully, it will continue to do so every time you wear your repurposed pieces! I had so much fun designing everything and finding a new purpose for some of our favourite classics ❤️ So, I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed designing them!

Lucy 💙


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