2022 in a Nutshell

2022 was a huge year for OutsideIn. Not only did it mark our sixth year of business, but it brought with it innovation, new products, unique designs, new Giving Partners (locally and globally), more products donated than ever before and a greater impact on homelessness both near and far.

We gave over 42,000 Giving Items, partnered with more than 40 charities and organisations, and donated 8 different types of items to people in need. Not only were we able to address more specific needs such as cooler clothing for the summer, hygiene kits for women and thermal wear for winter, but each one of these items was designed in-house by our Fashion Team and informed by feedback from our Giving Partners themselves. 

As a direct result of each purchase you made in 2022, someone experiencing homelessness was given one of our Giving Items, each one brand-new, high-quality and comfortable. So, thanks to you and these purchases, every donation made a difference and helped to equip our Giving Partners with items needed to support each of their service-users. 

As we embark on 2023, we will continue to aim to bring hope and dignity to our friends in need through our clothing, our customers, and the amazing charities we work alongside. 

Thank you to each customer who supported OutsideIn over 2022. This impact was only possible because of you. We can’t wait to see what difference we can make to homelessness in 2023 – together!


Wear One, Share One

Throughout 2022 our Wear One, Share One model made giving back to people experiencing homelessness possible. But how does it work? Well, Wear One, Share One simply means that for every single item you purchase, we will donate an additional item to someone experiencing homelessness. These additional items are called 'Giving Items' and each one is designed to meet the unique and specific needs of those who receive them.

Our Giving Items


We provided socks as they are one of the most frequently and urgently requested items from the organisations that we work with.

Thermal Beanies

We donated Thermal Beanies to provide maximum warmth, especially for individuals who are impacted by the cold weather during the winter months.


During summer, Caps were important for protecting heads and faces from the sun. They helped to prevent excessive sun exposure and kept those who received them cool and shaded.


Gloves helped keep hands warm, protected and functional during the winter when the cold weather can impact circulation, movement and feeling in one's hands.


At our Oi Fam & Friends Day Christmas Party individuals experiencing homelessness got to choose their favourite OutsideIn Sweatshirts.


Our Giving T-Shirt provided maximum breathability and comfort, and it was designed to keep those wearing it cool and confident in their clothing during the summer heat.


At our Oi Fam & Friends Day Christmas Party individuals experiencing homelessness got to choose their favourite OutsideIn Hoodies.

Dignity Kits

For International Women's Day we gave women experiencing homelessness Dignity Kits which included period-care, skincare, socks and personal hygiene items.

Who we worked with this year

40+ Giving Partners

Over the past year we have worked with over 40 incredible Giving Partners across the UK, Ireland and around the world. Thanks to them and their amazing work, your Giving Items continue to reach the people who need them most.

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Giving Highlights

In addition to our Wear One, Share One model which is applied to every single item in our store, OutsideIn was also involved in a few very special occasions which gave back to people experiencing homelessness.

International Women's Day

Thanks to your support, in March we were able to put together Dignity Kits to be given to women experiencing homelessness who are supported by our Giving Partner, The Marylebone Project.

Each item included was carefully chosen and then each Dignity Kit was distributed to women in need with the help of The Marylebone Project and their amazing staff and volunteers.

One Big Sleep Out

In October, OutsideIn was proud to sponsor and take part in the Simon Community's annual ‘One Big Sleep Out’ event.

Along with many other amazing and inspiring individuals, the OutsideIn team spent the night under the stars at Stormont to raise awareness about homelessness and raise funds to help those impacted by it.

'Oi Fam & Friends Day'
Christmas Party

In December we threw a Christmas party for people experiencing homelessness in Belfast. With the help of the incredible team at Trademarket and our fellow vendors, we were able to host 70+ people experiencing homelessness and give them the Christmas celebration they deserved!

Thanks to the generosity of some amazing businesses, charities and individuals, we were able to provide every single person with fresh food, a safe and warm environment, haircuts, OutsideIn clothing and so much more!

who we work with

Our Giving Partners

Without our amazing Giving Partners and their commitment to helping people experiencing homelessness in their respective communities across the globe, we wouldn't be able to get your Wear One, Share One donations to the individuals who need them most.

Here's a few words from our partners to encourage you!

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Work With Us?

If you're a charity or an organisation who'd like to partner with us, we'd love you to get in touch. Hit the button below to let us know more about you and how OutsideIn can support your efforts to help people experiencing homelessness.