Awareness is key: Charities vs. COVID-19

Say hello to Groundswell 👋🏽

We love being introduced to charities that are making a difference to the homeless community. While health has been a topic of conversation worldwide, organisations like Groundswell have taken it upon themselves to be advocates on behalf of rough sleepers in the UK. They are doing this through their #HealthNow Campaign which aims to make an inclusive health system where everyone has access to the health care they need; ultimately transitioning people out of homelessness. We want to use our platform to highlight these charities that are empowering individuals to be safe during this pandemic.

This week we are excited to report Groundwell’s recent approach on spreading awareness.

Awareness is Key 🔑

We want to make sure EVERYONE is staying safe.

You may ask, “How can those experiencing homelessness better equip themselves?”

It all starts with awareness! Groundswell has constructed a COVID-19 plan specifically for the homeless community. This leaflet equips rough sleepers with practical information to keep themselves safe and protect those around them. They answer crucial questions like, “How do I look after myself and my community?” Whether it be how to social distance whilst living on the streets, or where to access public services, Groundswell has intentionally planned a response to coronavirus that takes into account those that are homeless.

Home or homeless, we're are all human

At OutsideIn, we are all about rewriting the perceptions of homelessness and we want to celebrate other organizations that are doing the same. We believe empowerment is one of the greatest ways to give back to those who are homeless. Groundswell is doing their part in making a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic. Home or homeless, we're all human and deserve equal access to information that will keep us safe. 

Keep an eye out as we CONTINUE to celebrate other charities and organizations that are making a difference for those who are homeless!

Be sure to check out their website for great info and case studies ->

By Dani & Miranda

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