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There’s Still Some Good In The World


I’m sure that you, like us, are completely overwhelmed right now. By everything. All there ever seems to be is bad news on the tv and all anyone can talk about is COVID-19. It’s a situation that’s impacting every person on our planet, and we can’t seem to escape it. Our heads are mangled with daily rising figures and the ever awaiting flattening of the curve. However, in the midst of the darkness and doubt there is hope. Hope sweet hope. 

It is so easy to overlook the good in times like these, but during our Hope campaign we want to use our platform to share some of the good stories that are happening all over the world right now. We hope it helps to take your mind off all the uncertainty and remind you that despite the darkness and doubt, light and hope are shining through. So here we go...

Maryland, USA

Over the last few weeks, in a suburb of Maryland, an anonymous woman has been leaving out hundreds of healthy packed lunches on the street for whoever may need them. She makes them daily, leaving them on a little sheltered table with a sign saying “Free lunch for whoever may need it”. The area itself wouldn’t have much money, so many locals have expressed their gratitude to the mystery woman online, saying that it has truly made them thankful to be part of their community. Wow. How encouraging is this in a time where hope seems lost?

Moscow, Russia

Despite the high tensions between Russia and the US, this week a plane was sent from Moscow to the States filled with vital medical equipment to help with the COVID-19 outbreak. According to the Russian Embassy in the US, Putin has considered how there is “no alternative to working together”. Not too long ago, the looming thought of a possible war between the two looked likely, but it’s so encouraging to see countries helping each other out. While the outbreak is physically distancing us, it’s also bringing us together in ways that we couldn’t have even imagined. 

Cardiff, Wales

Kids in Cardiff this week have had the time of it in lockdown as Disney characters pop up at their windows. Adrian Currie, a man who owns an entertainment business, has spent his daily hour of exercise visiting children outside their homes dressed as Disney characters, giving parents a rest from tirelessly entertaining their children. This man doesn’t have to do this every day. But he is choosing to, and by choosing to give up an hour of his day daily, he is spreading hope. 

Melbourne, Australia

A 62-year-old man in Melbourne was seen handing out $100 to those waiting in line at an unemployment centre. It’s said that he gave out about $10,000 in total because of how many people were actually in the line. The man himself had immigrated from Greece to Australia when he was a child and said that the country had been nothing but good to him, so he needed to return the favour. He is now urging other wealthy Australians to do the same for those in need. This is such an incredible story of generosity that is so encouraging. We love to see how people use what they have in order to help those in times of crisis. It stirs up a hope within us that we can share with other people, something that most of us really need right now.


Captain Tom

Captain Tom Moore who turns 100 at the end of April completed 100 laps of his garden in hopes of raising £1,000 for the NHS. However, Tom has currently raised over £13million for the NHS as his challenge went viral over the UK. What a legend. 


Free Mobiles for Care Homes

Across the UK, people are donating tablets and mobiles to care homes and hospitals so that those who would not be able to speak to their family for the last time finally can. The idea is that those in critical care or in vulnerable places such as care homes would have the chance to call or video call their loved ones during the current crisis. In this way, vulnerable people can remain safe while also staying in contact with their family and friends.


Adopted Dogs

For the first time in its history, a dog shelter in Palm Beach in America has no dogs left in their premises. All across the US, shelters have seen a huge increase in the amount of dogs being adopted, with another shelter empty in Chicago just last week! 

Simon Community

The Simon Community are now delivering support over the phone and video call during the COVID-19 crisis in their South Eastern district. This is so vital in a time like this, when people can feel lonely and need someone to talk to. They are also helping vulnerable people with things like groceries and fetching prescriptions, practically giving a hand as much as they can. The work that these guys do with the homeless and vulnerable people is so Important today and they need our support. 

To donate to this incredible work, go to https://www.simoncommunity.org

That's us for this week folks! 


We hope these stories have inspired you and shed a bit of light into your home during all of this. Stories are made to be shared, so make sure to share this blog post and other positive stories with your family and friends! Little by little, we can each do our part to spread love and hope at this time. 


Have you got any uplifting stories? We would love to hear some of the ways that you or your family are spreading hope, or stories that have inspired you during COVID-19.

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