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Welcome to the Dream Collection.

This summer we are all about dreaming and first up is our main piece - ‘Head in the Clouds’ launching 16th July. This first collection is about inspiring you to dream, even when it feels impossible or out of reach to KEEP YOUR HEAD IN THE CLOUDS. 

We want to help you to dream YOUR dream and to remember that no matter how big, no matter how small, it’s never too late to dream. Every collection we create comes with immense purpose so here’s the meaning behind our summer dream collection. Enjoy!

The Meaning of the Collection

What’s your dream? It can seem like such a huge, daunting question. I feel like the younger we are, the more we believe in our crazy dreams, they seem within reach, nothing can stop us achieving them. Over time something changes, life becomes more logical, we lose that childlike faith that told us to ‘just believe.’ For some our dreams are chosen for us and before we know it we are walking in a pair of shoes that don’t quite fit in a direction we never planned to go.

Dreams are personal, no two dreams are alike and that’s what makes them special. Dreams also come in all sizes, they can be massive life goals, or small aspirations. The amazing thing about dreams is you’re in control, the sky's the limit! Dreams help us to escape and look beyond our current reality, a reminder of hope that keeps us going, keeps us fighting for change and desiring for more. 

The purpose of this summer collection comes from getting to know many people impacted by homelessness, and the one question I always loved to ask was..

woso reimagined outsidein whats your dream head in the clouds

It may seem like an unfair question to ask someone who at that moment is focusing on survival, or is so far away from achieving it, however I started to notice a recurring answer; “you really want to hear my dream?’ What followed was the most incredible, personal stories of what they were dreaming for; to be a chef on a yacht, to have a family, to own a business, the list goes on and on. It was as if for that moment they had escaped the reality of busy, overcrowded streets, cold damp nights or the fact that night they had nowhere to call home. The more stories I heard, the more I realised there are so many unheard dreams that are living on our streets, people who have so much potential, so many incredible dreams, but nobody to hear them, nobody willing to give them a second chance. Sometimes it was just speaking out their dreams to others that helped them believe in it again, or challenged them to think, wait a second, what is MY DREAM? It wasn’t that we had all the answers to help those who were homeless to achieve their dreams, it was an opportunity to reignite the dreams inside of them. That’s what this collection is all about, the dream within.

It's not that we had all the answers to help people who were homeless to achieve their dreams, it was about reigniting the dream inside of them. That’s what this collection is about. The dream within.

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Our Dream

We as a company have a dream.

3 Years ago OutsideIn was a dream. The dream to create a streetwear brand that gives back to those living on the streets. The dream to continually inspire and empower society to help bring those on the outside of society in. The dream we keep dreaming, to rewrite homelessness. Imagine a streetwear brand starting in Belfast that believes it can become one of the biggest brands in the world, give back in ways never seen before and inspire others around the world to help those who are homeless. It does sound crazy right? But the bigger the dream, the more we can aspire to give back, the more lives we can see changed. That’s why we exist, that’s why we continue to dream. We have and will have many tough days, times where it seems the odds are stacked against us, that we are too small to achieve what we want to achieve. Despite the reality we believe in our dream and we hope to inspire others to dream too.

So.. What’s your dream?

head in the clouds woso outsidein



For the design, we wanted to visualise and embody the inspiration of dreaming, from the dreamy colours in our product choices to the messaging through the designs. Our colour palette is based on the setting pink sunset, a soft moody tone to feel the warmth.

Our main piece is 'The Head in the Clouds' available on both t-shirts and hoodies, at one glance you see motion, reminding you to keep your head in the clouds. We wanted everyone who sees this imagery to ask themselves, “What’s your dream?” and feel the weightlessness and endless potential in every puffy cloud and flying butterfly. 

butterflies head in the clouds outsidein


The blue butterfly is known as a symbol of chance, an opportune change in life or a moment of luck so for us this was important to include consistently across all designs, as we never know when or where our life can take a turn in pursuit of our dreams. 


Here at OutsideIn it is, and will always be about giving back. 

This collection started off with simply asking people who were homeless “what’s your dream?” We wanted to make sure the giving back for this collection was tailored to this concept of dreaming bigger. 

woso reimagined outsidein



The foundation of our company is built on our ‘Wear One, Share One’ model. This is where we empower you with an additional product to share with someone who is homeless in your city.  

Given social distancing in place around the world we have gone from product to project… So say hello to WOSO (Wear One, Share One Reimagined), a new way of giving. This summer we have decided to dream bigger with our giving and inspire people to dream no matter what their circumstance. Every purchase during the month of July you will be part of our exciting NEW PROJECT with the Bowery Mission in New York City. Each room will be provided with a personalised DREAM PACK that will not only meet their individual needs but take it a step further and invest in the dreamer within them. We will be creating 150 dream packs containing one t-shirt from our new collection, socks, beanie, hand sanitiser and a motivational card encouraging those who receive them to dream. Our social impact team has carefully picked each product with the help of the Bowery Mission to ensure these packs not only include items that are desperately needed, but that the colours, designs and items will help to inspire dreamers to dream again. 

dream keep your head in the clouds

We hope this collection inspires you to live with endless potential of what you can achieve, maybe you’ve never stopped to think, what’s my dream? What do I want to achieve? Maybe this is that moment for you to look within and find that dream, YOUR dream. Some of our dreams have come true, some still seem very far away, but we keep dreaming, even when it’s tough, even when it seems impossible, don’t give up! We hope you love our dream collection this summer and can’t wait to see what this inspires you to create or believe in.. This is more than just an art piece, this is to inspire people to dream.

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