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From Product to Project 

If you’ve been following us for a while then you’ll know our company is built on our ‘Wear One, Share One’ model. This is where we empower you with an additional PRODUCT to share with someone who is homeless in your city. The other day we hinted that this summer that we want to dream bigger with our giving and inspire people to dream no matter what their circumstance! With that being said, say hello to WOSO (Wear One, Share One), a new way of giving. Every purchase you will be part of our exciting NEW PROJECT that will be taking place this month with The Bowery Mission in New York City.

Before the big reveal, allow us to introduce you to The Bowery Mission...

WHERE: New York City

As of 2020 did you know that nearly 70,000 people are experiencing homelessness in New York City? This includes adults, children, and families. Poverty in New York City greatly affects children: nearly 1 in 3 people living below the poverty line is a child. We also found that one in every 125 New Yorkers is homeless, in a city of more than 8.4 million people we see a significant need in NYC. Homelessness – as well as the trauma that results from total loss of community, possessions, and security – is one of the greatest crises people can face in their lifetime. Homelessness itself is an emergency, and now New Yorkers experiencing homelessness are in even deeper crisis. Across the metro area, restrictions designed to prevent spread of disease have left many homeless New Yorkers without access to hygiene facilities, safe shelter, or food supplies in a time when these basic necessities are needed more than ever. They cannot follow mandates to “stock up, stay at home, or work from home,” simply because they do not have a home. Additionally, these men and women already have far higher rates of underlying medical conditions, and thus are more likely to experience moderate to severe symptoms of COVID-19.                                                                                      

WHO: The Bowery Mission

Since the 1870’s, The Bowery Mission has served generations of New Yorkers experiencing homelessness, hunger and poverty with meals, clothing, shelter and residential programs. Last year, the Mission provided more than 558,726 hot meals, 140,658 nights of shelter, 100,334 articles of clothing and 2,423 onsite medical and optometry exams. Each meal and every service is an invitation to residential and community programs that help clients make progress towards their goals. They have made it their mission to provide meals, shelter, and clothing seven days a week, 365 days a year, to all who walk through our doors — no questions asked. 

WHAT: Dream Project Part I 

We are excited to announce that we will be supporting The Bowery Mission programs for New Yorkers experiencing homelessness, which help individuals make progress towards their goals and empower them with tools for independent living. More than 11,000 single men, nearly 4,000 single women and 46,000 adults or children in families are among those sleeping in city shelters. With such extensive numbers we want to be a small part of a bigger change in helping to inspire people to dream again no matter their circumstances. 

WHEN: Month of July

We cannot wait to share with you ALL the details coming soon about our upcoming donation that will support guests at The Bowery Mission with clothing and inspiration to dream!

Final Thoughts: 

You may ask why New York City? Our goal at OutsideIn is to bring the outside of society in. We want to be a company that makes an impact locally and globally, ensuring that all those who come into contact with the brand feel part of the Oi Fam. With New York being hit hard by COVID-19, escalating rates of unemployment, we wanted to do our bit to let those who are facing homelessness or in poverty know that we are here for them. Thanks for your support and helping to reach places that we could only have dreamed about 3 years ago.

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