October's Giving Charities

October Giving


We love to give back! and thanks to your support for our “Wear One, Share One” concept, we get to give back every month in two different ways. Either you guys choosing to personally give out your giving product or we get to give it out for you. That’s what this blog post is all about, we want to share with you each month a little more of the charities we team up with and why. 

This month we have a total of 585 giving products to be handed out to those who are homeless thanks to Septembers purchases. The giving ratio has changed from August's 75:25 split to 68% choosing for us to donate their giving product and 32% choosing to give it out themselves. Both giving options are so important to us!

This month we have partnered with two charities who are working incredibly hard to help those who need it most. 



We first were introduced to Extern during one of our giving nights in Belfast a year ago. Extern's focus is all about supporting and empowering children, young people, individuals and families. Currently they have helped 19,250 people in 40 locations in 25 countries. 

What all do they do? They offer support for those who are homeless through many different services including rehabilitation from drug and alcohol abuse, housing and education. This is just some of the services Extern have available for those who are or at risk of becoming homeless. If you want to get involved or find out more about these guys check them out.


Their mission is to transform the lives of those in society for better. This aligns perfectly with our vision of bringing those OUTSIDE of society IN.


Inner City Helping Homeless

 At the start of this year we got to visit The Inner City Helping Homeless, based in Dublin. As part of their programme, every night outreach volunteers go out to the streets of Dublin city and surrounding areas. They bring supplies such as tea, coffee, soup, pot noodles, sandwiches, fruit, water, hats, gloves, clothes and sleeping bags... the list goes on. Their empathy and compassion in the form of a simple chat can mean so much to people sleeping rough around the city. Their services are on offer 7 days a week from offering legal advice and support to those who can’t afford it.

Here at OutsideIn, we believe communication goes along way. Part of being human means that we can listen, talk, spread hope and love. Our products are helpful to those living on the streets, but it is also a tool to spark engagement, and get to know each individual story. 

You can learn more about Inner City Helping Homeless by CLICKING HERE


This is made possible because of you. 

 Every purchase matters. For us it’s great seeing so many people love our clothing, but it doesn’t even compare to someone sending in a giving story or receiving amazing feedback from homeless charities we've donated to. That’s why we do what we do and at the heart of it, the movement is built upon people who want to interact, connect and spread hope to those who are without a home. 


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