The Story Behind Hope Sweet Hope '19

It's been a long time coming but... the Hope Sweet Hope '19 collection has arrived. 

This one is special.

Just three new colours? No... so much more; months of research on manufacturing to find the highest levels of quality and sustainability, flying to the factory to understand each process, innovating our sweaters to be even better, comfier fit, and finally we chose three new colours that allow you to boldly and proudly wear the phrase we've all come to love. 


Hope Sweet Hope '19 Detail


The Journey

In March 2019 we headed off to Barcelos in the North of Portugal to learn about clothing manufacturing. We were looking for a manufacturer who created high quality products without compromising on sustainability. After spending two days visiting countless factories, we came across one that not only ticked those boxes, but that wholeheartedly believed in our vision (we know, that's pretty cool!). 

For us this is so much more than a new manufacturer. From day one we have consistently striven for transparency - something that is so lacking in the fashion industry. To be able able to set the precedent for ourselves in our second year is truly something special. For us, transparency and sustainability should always be at the forefront of manufacturing and although we definitely don't have all the answers, we are so proud to have been able to take another step along the path to truly sustainable fashion. 

We wouldn't have wanted to start with any other product than our Hope Sweet Hope sweater!



Why Hope Sweet Hope?

This has become a huge part of our movement. 

It started over a year go with a play on the phrase 'Home Sweet Home'. We want to be a movement that spreads hope with every conversation, starting as a team but most importantly to those who are currently homeless. A blanket or a beanie won't rewrite homelessness. A sweater won't change the world, but we believe hope will. 

We all need hope every single day and that's why this week, we wanted to find out a little more about what hope means to you. Here's some of our favourite responses below!


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Hope looks different for everyone and we wanted our sweaters to reflect this. Each one is therefore individually dyed, making the colour of your sweater uniquely yours - just like the hope you carry. 





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