Why Shop On Our Depop?

Depop. An app that has grown so astronomically that it’s hard to meet someone in 2020 who hasn’t heard of it. With over 15 million users over 147 countries, Depop is becoming the mix between Instagram and eBay that we never knew we needed. Whether you’re trying to find some vintage threads or sell some of your old matching Hollister tees and hoodies (don’t worry, we defs all had that stage), Depop was made for you. 

Here at OutsideIn, we love our clothes, but things don't always go to plan! Mistakes and marks just happen, collections go out of date, and photoshoots have to happen and when they do we end up with stock we can't sell which still needs a loving home. This is a problem we kept running into, and over time, the pile at the back of the warehouse started getting bigger and bigger with stuff that we could do nothing with…

Until we realised the power of Depop! We love that our focus is on sustainability (read more about this here with Christabel’s sustainability update), but using Depop has made this even easier as every last one of our products can find a loving home to go to. Better yet, every item is down in price from the original selling price, so you can go grab all your perfectly imperfect OutsideIn gear for a bargain! What’s not to love?

Instead of buying brand new, avoid fast fashion! As we already limit our stock runs, for larger drops and limited collections, Depop rounds off the life cycle of our products by collecting all the left-behinds for a cute price.

Depop allows us to send on some fan favourites too, such as beanies with the OG patch on them, original Hope Sweet Hope sweaters and our cosy fleeces. Some may have little mishaps or mistakes, making them even more rare and unique- you’ll have an OutsideIn item that no one else can match!

All in all, buying from our Depop is just another way to get your favourite Oi items for a lower price, all while being sustainable and helping us lower our waste. So… what are you waiting for?! Search @weareoi or OutsideIn Streetwear on Depop to get your items today! 

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