What's your dream? Asking people experiencing homelessness

Hey guys, Dani here 👋 If you’ve been keeping up with our latest giving concept, ‘The Dream Project’, you know we are creating a dream space for Centenary House in Belfast. We are doing things a little differently due to COVID as we aren't able to get access to the space yet. We’ve started the planning phase of the project by asking guests what their dream space would look like and inviting them to get involved with the design.

We asked these questions because we want to gain knowledge of the people we will be working with and see where they are coming from and what we can do in a practical way to help. We also want to allow them to look inside themselves and start the dreaming process. We are hoping that as we create a space for them to dream (updating their communal room) that they will find their own passions, they will find creativity and they will start to have hope that dreams can come true. We want to share some of the responses we got back so you guys see a glimpse of their perspective. 👀

Here are some of the responses we had:

Reading through these questionnaires I was just struck by so many different thoughts and emotions. I have heard people say many demeaning things about those experiencing homelessness but the truth is...they are human and they face similar battles to everyone else, have aspirations they consider, and dreams they are dreaming. To be honest I became emotional reading some of these responses and tried to put myself in their shoes. It made me think, “that could be me”. These responses are relatable as are the people who gave them.

This information could help us fulfill some people’s dreams and help OutsideIn create items with purpose. If you have any ideas or connections that will help us make these dreams come true email dani@weareoi.com. Thanks for choosing to learn more about this and grow in empathy as we journey through the effects of homelessness and addiction with our partners at Centenary House.

For more information on the amazing work that Centenary House do click HERE.


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