Making Your Impact Possible

Our Giving Partners

As a purpose-driven business, we partner with a collection of charities and organisations to distribute the items donated through our ‘Wear One, Share One’ giving model. We call these our 'Giving Partners'.

Not only does each Giving Partner distribute the items donated by your purchases directly to those who need them most, but they provide critical feedback which informs the designs, quantities, and types of items needed to meet the greatest needs of those experiencing homelessness. 

With the support of our Giving Partner network, over 213,000* items of essential clothing have been given to people in need.

*As of April 2024

Our giving process

How Our Giving Partners Help

Our mission to help people experiencing homelessness is brought to life in four simple steps.

Our Giving Partners play a huge part in this process and without them, the impact you make with every item you purchase simply wouldn't be possible. They ensure that every single item that you donate is placed into the hands of someone in need. Their support is critical to the success of Wear One, Share One and OutsideIn's mission.

Have a look at the Wear One, Share One process and how our Giving Partners ensure your donations reach people experiencing homelessness.

Wear One, Share One in Four Steps:

Step One


Every time you shop at OutsideIn, you kickstart our Wear One, Share One giving process, meaning you donate essential clothing to someone experiencing homelessness with every product you purchase. 

Pretty cool, right?

P.S. You can see what items are donated on each product page!

Step two


Once your purchase is complete, we track the clothing items you’ve donated and allocate them among our trusted network of Giving Partners based on their individual needs.


Within 6-12 months of your purchase we package and prep all your donated items and deliver them to their allocated Giving Partner depending on their seasonal and individual needs. 

This 6-12 month window ensures we can adequately supply our Giving Partners with the items they need and in the quantities that suit them best. 

P.S. We always send a variety of sizes and colours in the items requested by our Giving Partners so that those who are receiving them get the dignity of choosing what they like best!


No matter what or how much you purchase, you play a vital role in our Wear One, Share One giving model and you help further our mission as a purpose-driven business to help people experiencing homelessness. 

We simply couldn’t do what we do without you. So, from us and our network of Giving Partners, thank you for making our impact possible!

Meet Some of Our Giving Partners

Soup Kitchen London - London

The Soup Kitchen acts as an incredible resource for those experiencing homelessness, the elderly, the lonely and the vulnerable in London. Their areas of support consist of providing fresh meals, clothing, toiletries, mental health services and a sense of community to the individuals that walk through their doors. Beyond providing essential needs services, this organisation goes above and beyond to provide dignity for their guests.

Learn more about the Soup Kitchen.

Simon Community NI - Northern Ireland

Simon Community NI is Northern Ireland’s leading homeless charity. More than just a warm bed at night for people facing homelessness, they offer several specialist support services that can help break the cycle of homelessness. Simon Community NI work tirelessly to support individuals needs all while providing 464 beds each night across 35 shelter and support services. With Wear One, Share One, your purchases provide clothing to Simon Community NI’s service-users across their locations.

Learn more about Simon Community NI.

Evolve Housing - London

Evolve Housing run supported housing services in the London Boroughs of Croydon, Kensington and Chelsea, Lambeth, Merton and Sutton. They primarily provide supported accommodation for people who need somewhere to live; however, they also offer a range of services to break cycles of homelessness. This includes health and wellbeing services, a work and learning programme to equip people to find jobs, educational opportunities and support for young parents and children at risk of exclusion.

Learn more about Evolve Housing.

Depaul - Republic of Ireland

Depaul is a leading charity committed to helping people experiencing homelessness across Ireland. They focus on five key areas that can help break the cycle of homelessness. By focusing on these areas, Depaul works with people in need and supports them as they try to break free from this cycle. These areas include: Prevention, Families & Young People, High Support Accommodation, Health & Rehabilitation, as well as Housing. 

Learn more about Depaul.

The Passage - London

The Passage is a multi service organisation that aims to prevent street homelessness by quickly intervening before people reach the point of crisis. Their mission is to end street homelessness by providing innovative and tailored services that act with compassion and urgency.

Learn more about The Passage.

Glasgow City Mission - Glasgow

Glasgow City Mission provides support for the unhoused community in Glasgow, Scotland. Collaborating with over 20 partnering agencies, they work together to meet the needs of those struggling with homelessness, each offering their expertise in supporting an individual navigating the different stages of reaching stability and breaking the cycle of homelessness. 

Learn more about Glasgow City Mission.

Storehouse - Belfast

Storehouse supports those in need, primarily those experiencing homelessness, individuals seeking refugee, and those dealing with substance abuse, in Belfast by providing individuals with dignity, respect and essential needs like food and clothing. They aim to restore dignity, recognise significance and reignite hope in the lives of everyone they encounter.

Learn more about Storehouse.

The Big Issue - Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Big Issue exists to support people who are impacted by homelessness or long-term unemployment. To accomplish this, they provide employment opportunities for people to earn their own income. They also provide hands-on support for individuals transitioning out of a state of homelessness. 

Learn more about The Big Issue.

Partner With Us

If you're interested in becoming one of our Giving Partners feel free to get in touch and chat to someone on our Social Impact Team!

Thank You!

None of this would be possible with you. You are the driving force behind our Wear One, Share One and the reason we're able to help so many amazing Giving Partners.

So, from our team to you, and our Giving Partners too, a great, big, massive thank you!

If you want to know more about how you help make our Wear One, Share One giving process possible alongside our Giving Partners hit the button below.