Thank You!

First things first, thank you! Without you, we simply wouldn't be able to give back to people experiencing homelessness so, thanks for supporting our mission and making it possible.

Every time you purchase, you kickstart our Wear One, Share One giving process where essential clothing is donated to someone experiencing homelessness.

Here's How It Works:

Step One


Every time you shop at OutsideIn, you kickstart our Wear One, Share One giving process, meaning you donate essential clothing to someone experiencing homelessness with every product you purchase. 

Pretty cool, right?

P.S. You can see what items are donated on each product page!

Step two


Once your purchase is complete, we track the clothing items you’ve donated and allocate them among our trusted network of Giving Partners based on their individual needs.


Within 6-12 months of your purchase we package and prep all your donated items and deliver them to their allocated Giving Partner depending on their seasonal and individual needs. 

This 6-12 month window ensures we can adequately supply our Giving Partners with the items they need and in the quantities that suit them best. 

P.S. We always send a variety of sizes and colours in the items requested by our Giving Partners so that those who are receiving them get the dignity of choosing what they like best!


No matter what or how much you purchase, you play a vital role in our Wear One, Share One giving model and you help further our mission as a purpose-driven business to help people experiencing homelessness. 

We simply couldn’t do what we do without you. So, from us and our network of Giving Partners, thank you for making our impact possible!

Introducing our giving items

But, What Do We Actually Give?

Every time you purchase something from OutsideIn you donate essential clothing items to someone experiencing homelessness. We call these items our Giving items.

Our in-house Fashion Team designs these unique Giving Items following feedback from our network of Giving Partners to ensure that each item meets the greatest clothing needs of those who receive them.

Our Giving Items are always brand-new and manufactured to the same high-quality standards as the OutsideIn products you would buy for yourself. Each Giving Item also comes with a positive message designed to encourage whoever receives it. We consider everything, including the fit, fabric, colour, and seasonal needs when designing these items, ensuring they provide dignity, comfort, and confidence for the person wearing it. 

Just like the clothes you buy evolve and improve, we review our Giving Items regularly to ensure that they are always meeting the greatest needs and requests of the people they were created to help.

Get To Know Our Giving Items

Thermal Beanie

Our Thermal Beanies are a favourite among our Giving Partners as they provide crucial protection in the colder months, keeping heads warm even in the winter.

Thermal Socks

Socks are the most frequently requested items among our Giving Partners. Based on their feedback, we are told that many of their service-users only own one pair. We ensure our Socks are absorbent, comfortable and durable.


Underwear is one of the most highly requested items but is often forgotten as it cannot be donated second-hand. Our Underwear is unisex, durable and comfortable and we offer two kinds: boxers and briefs.

Dad Caps

Our Dad Caps are crucial in the warmer seasons. Not only do they help keep skin and eyes shaded in the sun but they provide essential protection from the heat.


T-Shirts provide an extra layer of comfort and protection, especially in summer. Our Giving Partners help us choose the best style, fit and colours that make their service-users feel best.

Kids Beanie

Our Kids Beanies are designed with a smaller fit so that they are suitable for kids in need. Like our adult Thermal Beanie, they provide warmth and protection against the cold.

Our Giving Products Are Always:


Just like the products you buy for yourself, the items you donate with your purchase are always manufactured to the same high-quality standard right down to every last detail.


In the same way you wouldn't want to buy worn-out, old or damaged clothing, we ensure that every item donated with your purchase is brand-new, packaged and in perfect condition!

Intentionally Designed

We take time to intentionally design both the clothing you find on our online store, as well as each Giving Item from scratch. This ensures they meet the needs and desires of the those who receive them.

That's Not All!

We want our Giving Items to be more than just, well, items.

So, we decided to add something we call 'Tags of Hope'!

These aren't just any old tags, but each one has a written encouragement designed to show the people who receive our Giving Items that they matter, we see them and we believe in them.

We know that words are powerful and we intend to use ours for good.

Introducing our giving partners

And Who Gives These Out?

As a purpose-driven business, we partner with a collection of charities and organisations to distribute the items donated through our ‘Wear One, Share One’ giving model. We call these our 'Giving Partners'.

Not only does each Giving Partner distribute the items donated by your purchases directly to those who need them most, but they provide critical feedback which informs the designs, quantities, and types of items needed to meet the greatest needs of those experiencing homelessness. 

With the support of our Giving Partner network, over 213,000* items of essential clothing have been given to people in need.

*As of April 2024

Your Support Means Everything

None of this would be possible with you. You are the driving force behind our Wear One, Share One and the reason we're able to donate so many items to a variety of Giving Partners!

So, from our team to you, and our Giving Partners too, a great, big, massive thank you!

You can learn more about our Wear One, Share One giving process and how your support makes it possible via the button below.