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If you’ve been following us for a while then you’ll know our company is built on our ‘
Wear One, Share One’ model. This is where we empower you with an additional PRODUCT to share with someone who is homeless in your city. This Summer we launched our Dream Collection and we were inspired to take our giving to a new level. 

With your help we are creating a lasting giving product that will impact hundreds of individuals in the future.

Every purchase you will be part of our exciting NEW PROJECT that will be taking place this month with The Centenary House. 

Before the big reveal, allow us to introduce you to The Centenary House... 

The accommodation and support that is offered in Centenary House is for single adults aged 18+.  They accommodate up to 68 males, 13 of which are probation clients and 3 of which are Drug Accommodation Support Project clients. The service can be accessed directly by any adult male who is experiencing homelessness. The accommodation within the Centenary House building consists of single bedrooms, communal bathrooms, communal lounge area with TV areas, snooker, pool and computer access, quiet space, interview rooms, gym, laundry and canteen.

Centenary House offers a number of different programmes on site, which will have bespoke referral routes. These include:

  • The Drug Accommodation Support Programme (DASP). DASP offers specialist support and links with treatment services. Referral into the Drug Accommodation Support Project is made via a DASP Support Worker.  

  • The Probation Programme. This programme is for those that have been referred into the service by PBNI.  This programme adopts a multi-agency approach to minimise re-offending.

 Where: Belfast City, NI

According to the Northern Ireland Housing statistic the homeless population in Northern Ireland equates to 55,000 + individuals. The main causes of homelessness in NI is unsuitable housing and family breakdown, we as a team being based in Belfast want to make sure we’re inspiring those experiencing homelessness in our community to dream again.


 What/Why: Dream Project Part 2

What: We are going to create a space where dreamers can dream. In that we are supporting Centenary House in Northern Ireland to redo their community room & create a “Dream Space” for all their guests. 

This includes things like:

& Requested Appliances

Why: With this drop we wanted to give back to our home city by creating a lasting giving product that will provide a space to dream for those experiencing homelessness!

The result? A healthy environment for people to feel safe, dream and thrive!

When: August - September

From July we are familiarising ourselves with the space and the guest needs. Come August we will start working on the space and finish up by the end of September. We want to encourage you to stay involved in the process and stay tuned for different ways you can get involved!   

Final Thoughts:

We are taking our giving to a new level and with your help we are creating a lasting giving product that will impact hundreds of individuals in the future. More than an extreme makeover, it's an investment in a space that will be used on the journey of people transitioning out of homelessness. We’ve collected surveys and asked their guests to dream. This space will include painting, furniture, requested accessories, beneficial resources like (art, instruments, music systems etc). We hope you will join us in this journey as we keep you updated on it’s progress. Thanks for your support in helping others to know it's never too late to dream.

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