We are a business on a mission to help people experiencing homelessness.

Every item purchased from OutsideIn kickstarts our giving process where brand-new essential clothing, specifically designed by us, is donated to someone experiencing homelessness.

This is our Wear One, Share One model and it wouldn't be possible without you!

how we gave back in 2022

2022 Giving Recap

Every purchase you made in 2022 made a difference to someone experiencing homelessness.

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thrifting for good

TradeMarket Thrifting

Our store at TradeMarket in Belfast is now our go-to shop for a bit of OutsideIn thrifting. 

Since opening TradeMarket it has become our main way of offering you access to our unique, experimental and discontinued items. While we used to keep these for Depop, we can now give our customers the option of picking up everything from one-of-a-kind pieces, sample items, old stock and more, in person in-store.

To do this, every few months we open the TradeMarket ‘Thrift Store’. This is a temporary pop-store at our TradeMarket location which offers customers a thrift shop experience and OutsideIn items at a lower price point. Not only does this allow customers to enjoy some of the experimental items that never make it to our online store, but it helps us to reduce our fashion waste, postage costs and delivery emissions.

Plus, it gives our customers the chance to hear some of the stories behind the unique designs and learn about what inspired them. 

And most importantly, in the same way that your Depop purchases helped people experiencing homelessness, so does every OutsideIn Thrift Store purchase!

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One Product Purchased = One Person Helped

We're a business on a mission to help people experiencing homelessness. With every customer's purchase, brand-new, essential clothing is donated to someone in need. 

Helping those in need

Humanity > Homelessness

A situation of homelessness does not diminish a person's humanity. Here are the ways we can work together to bring dignity to people experiencing homelessness and protect the sense of humanity we all deserve.


Social Impact

Our dedicated Social Impact team works hard to ensure that all products donated through our 'Wear One, Share One' are packed and sent to our Giving Partners on behalf of you. From here, they are given to people experiencing homelessness and those who rely on our Giving Partners for support.

In-House Finishes

We are proud to finish all of our products in-house with high-tech, high-quality machinery. From detailed embroidery to intricate screen-printed designs, our Fashion Production team ensures that every product that hits our shelves is perfected before it's packaged and shipped to you.

Ethics & Sustainability

We are not just passionate about our products and who they help, but we are passionate about how they are made and the people that make them too. We believe that purpose begins at production so we are committed to improving this process and more as we grow.


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