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Wear One, Share One - Everything you need to know!

Since OutsideIn was founded in 2016 by David Johnston, we have operated with a unique ‘Wear One, Share One’ model that ensures that every single purchase gives back to someone in need. Through the Wear One, Share One model alone, tens of thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness across the globe have been helped and reminded of their worth.

What is: Wear One, Share One?

Simply put, Wear One, Share One means that for every item purchased from OutsideIn, we donate an additional item to someone experiencing homelessness. While originally these additional items were given directly to the customer to give to someone experiencing homelessness themselves, they are now distributed to our Giving Partners (charities and organisations across the world) who give these items to individuals in need on behalf of the customer.

Through each item given, we strive to remind the individual who receives them of their worth, their purpose and that hope is available to them.

Through Wear One, Share One alone, and with the help of our amazing customers and our Giving Partners, we have donated over 98,500 giving products across the globe in over 36 countries and 200 cities!

As the issue of homelessness is still very evident today, we remain committed to our Wear One, Share One initiative, as well as other social impact initiatives that will provide relief to individuals experiencing homelessness both locally and globally.

The Thinking Behind
Wear One, Share One

OutsideIn’s vision has always been one set on rewriting the negative perceptions around homelessness by empowering society to play an active role in helping those who are affected by the issue. The Wear One, Share One giving model is OutsideIn’s way of doing this.


Unlike impersonal donations, we want our customers to feel like they are a part of the giving process so that they can see first-hand the impact they are helping us to make. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, our customers would have the option to give the additional ‘Share One’ items to someone in need themselves; however, to protect both the customer and the vulnerable individuals they are helping through their purchases, we now work very closely with our trusted Giving Partners who distribute these items on behalf of the customer.


So even though you may not be able to give these items directly to someone in need just yet, you can rest assured that you are still contributing to making a tangible impact in the lives of those who need it most. As a company that is all about celebrating human connection, we will always do our best to ensure that you can see evidence of the impact your purchases make.

How Does It Work?

Your purchase.

At OutsideIn, social impact is at the heart of everything we do, and our Wear One, Share One model allows our customers to have direct and significant involvement in our social impact too!

As a clothing brand, we believe that our products are about so much more than just fashionable streetwear. We believe in encouraging our customers to realise that each person in our society deserves high-quality clothing that they feel proud to wear. Through Wear One, Share One, we can ensure that this is an experience for both our customers and the vulnerable individuals on the other side of their purchases.

We believe that clothing has the power to spread hope, and through the clothing we create, we don’t just want to bring streetwear back to the streets, we want it to change the streets.

Your impact.

Since OutsideIn started in 2016, the ‘Share One’ side to our story has remained the most important. It was put in place not only to encourage our customers to give back in a way that values those they are helping but to create a tangible sense of shareable hope in both our customers’ lives and the lives of those experiencing homelessness.

While Covid-19 has prevented us from being able to send these additional ‘Share One’ items to our customers to give to someone experiencing homelessness themselves, we are partnered with a variety of incredible charities around the world who ensure these products are distributed to those in need on behalf of you.

No matter how the times around us may change, social impact and giving back will always be fundamental elements of everything we do. After all, it's the very reason we started OutsideIn in the first place!

Why It’s So Important To Us

We know homelessness is a huge issue that will take a huge effort to truly end. And so, we’re not saying that our giving products or our social impact initiatives alone will end homelessness. However, we are saying that together, working alongside you and the organisations we partner with, we can spread hope, we can meet needs, and we can bring those on the outside of society in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OutsideIn?

We are a streetwear company that was founded in 2016. Our vision is to rewrite the perceptions around homelessness through the use of fashion by empowering society to be a part of a unique giving process, which we call ‘Wear One, Share One’.

What is the Wear One, Share One concept?

Since homelessness is a global issue, we knew we needed a globally accessible solution. Through our ‘Wear One, Share One’ model, we are able to achieve a worldwide impact by providing an additional free item with every item purchased from OutsideIn.

This item is the ‘Share one’ part of our story. Through this high-quality giving product, every customer has the opportunity to engage with someone experiencing homelessness. If that isn’t possible or you would prefer us to handle this giving process, we distribute these items to one of our partnering charities on behalf of you.

What does your Wear One, Share One look like during Covid-19?

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we want to ensure we are promoting the utmost safety for both our customers and those experiencing homelessness. In order to achieve this we are currently handling the distribution of all additional giving products by working with homelessness-focused charities to ensure these products help someone in need. Don’t worry, the giving will never stop even if some other things do.

To hear more about how we are bridging the gap between society and homelessness, you can get regular updates on our giving through the OutsideIn blog or on our social media page, @weare_oi.

What are your current giving products?

We spend time communicating with various charities to find out what products are most needed by the individuals they help. Currently, the most-desired items include headwear, socks and gloves. To meet those desires, our current high-quality giving products include handmade thermal beanies, thich socks (which are the most requested item by charities!), as well as warm winter gloves.

However, the giving doesn’t stop there!

Beyond our ongoing ‘Wear One, Share One’ initiative, we are constantly innovating and updating how we give by working closely with our charity partners to see what is needed most. Some of the recent giving initiatives we have helped with include hygiene packs, space renovations, meal distributions and more.

How do I challenge the perceptions of homelessness?

The more time we spend speaking to those experiencing homelessness, the more we find that the greatest gift that we could ever give is our time. We strongly believe that each person’s story deserves to be heard and our goal is to help others hear. We believe that the best way to truly connect society with the streets is to start a conversation.

Conversations start change and change starts a movement. We are on a mission to create a movement that ends homelessness around the world. Our ‘Wear One, Share One’ model of giving is focused on creating an opportunity to start this conversation on both a large and small scale. By taking the time to hear someone's story, we believe we can create the opportunity to understand their story, their hopes, their dreams, their skills and their situation.

While our products are practical, true transformation starts with educating ourselves and humanising homelessness.

Is homelessness the same for everyone?

While homelessness is universally difficult for those experiencing it, there are several kinds of homelessness that one might face.

It is estimated that worldwide, over 150 million people are affected by some type of homelessness. These types include chronic homelessness, episodic homelessness, transitional homelessness, and hidden homelessness.

To help spread awareness about the complexities of homelessness, our Social Impact Department is responsible for helping to educate our team and our consumers on this global dilemma. In order to rewrite the negative perceptions around homelessness and to shed light on the reality of the difficulties that surround it, we also partner with charities around the world who are also committed to being a part of the solution.

What's the vision?

Our vision at OutsideIn goes beyond just streetwear. We are on a mission to turn fashion on its head and to pose the question: Are you willing to wear a brand that is also proudly worn by those affected by homelessness?
To achieve this vision we believe we need to educate ourselves in understanding the root causes of homelessness and how we can implement simple steps to help us to be more compassionate to those who are experiencing homelessness of some kind.

Through innovative products, and empowering our customers to reach out to those on the outside of society, we believe this vision is achievable. We are not saying that giving products alone will end homelessness; however, we are saying that together we can spread hope, we can meet needs and we can bring the outside, in.

Are you a business or a charity?

We are a profitable business driven by social impact. What we mean by this is that everything we do is done with helping those experiencing homelessness in mind. While everything we do is done with a charitable foundation, we are not a charity.

We are very proud to say that OutsideIn is built upon a strong desire to make a difference. Through our social-impact-driven ethos and initiatives integral to who we are such as ‘Wear One, Share One’, we strive to make every single purchase count.

We want other businesses to be inspired by OutsideIn to contribute to making an impact to the world around them too, and we want to set an example of how anyone can use their business platform to help stir change within our society.