Our Story

Rewriting The Story of Homelessness


No Person Should Wake Up Without A Home


OutsideIn is a movement that aims to put an end to homelessness across the world. Our vision is to see those on the outside of society welcomed in, negative perceptions crushed, and value restored to those who need to know their lives matter.


We respect every life. We value every story.


Our story begins in 2014

During David's time in Scotland he helped to run a street photography page in Edinburgh which not only captured the pictures and stories of strangers walking by but also of those who were homeless. David soon realised that many of the unfortunate circumstances the homeless people faced were outside of their control. Behind the abuse of drugs or alcohol lay a humongous amount of hurt from the past.  Every story was unique and deserved to be heard. 
It was here David thought: “This could have been me”.
This revelation inspired David to come up with a creative way to make a difference that others could share in. Using his camera as a tool to engage with strangers on the streets of Edinburgh, alongside the products of OutsideIn, David created a vessel to bridge the gap between those valued in society and local homeless people. 
Alongside the help of local charities, Oi was born in 2016. The journey may have started with beanies, but the dream for the social enterprise is much more than apparel.

 We Seek To: 

  •  Produce purposeful products that connect the society with those who are homeless- Create a brand which goes against the ideology of ‘brands creating social status'
  • Use stories and interactions in order to help break down negative social perceptions and stigmas of homelessness
  • Encourage and support the work of local homeless charities in order to sustainably help the homeless


 We are passionate about sharing the stories of those on the streets of our communities who have been ignored for too long. Stories of real lives that have experienced suffering and loss have the power to transform how we see others, and help us to understand how we can truly help them.


Join the movement.

Let's rewrite their story together.