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Cityscape Lookbook ✌

When we think ‘cities’ we think of towering skylines and concrete jungles, where new opportunities never seem to sleep. But the real lifeblood comes from the people. Communities formed on a new found belonging, that no matter background, belief or status, this is home.
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How Communication Can End Homelessness

Communication is the core of all human connection, from touch to words we all crave the deeper contact with one another, with loved ones or complete strangers. Imagine what could happen if seven people started a conversation with one homeless person every day. Take those 49 different conversations and see the ripple effect in one week; 49 different opportunities where maybe one of those people could help or impact a person living on the streets.

OutsideIn x The Giving Keys

This is a big one, OutsideIn is launching online a limited range of The Giving Keys!! This is a first for us, and we couldn’t be happier to team up with such a great brand and cause. 

Oi Winter Lookbook 👀

At the start of January the Oi Team met up for our annual vision day to discuss ideas and plans for the new year. Right after we decided to head to...
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How We’re Rewriting Homelessness Together

Rewriting homelessness starts with stopping. Stopping to acknowledge the person sitting in front of you. To say hello and offer a warm smile. To ask how they’re doing. To sit with them and listen to the stories they have to tell. To be human and to help however you can at that moment.
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Annual Giving Back Christmas Party

The Man Shack Event This year we kicked off our third annual giving back Christmas party at the Man Shack in Belfast. For our team it has become on...