If you’ve been following OutsideIn over the last few weeks you’ll have noticed that we’ve been talking a whole lot about a very special collection called Strangers, Made Someone. And while there are so many reasons as to why we chose this particular name (you can read about it more here!), one very important reason comes down to one very important word: someone.

For us this word encapsulates the essence of what we hope to instill in the lives of people who find themselves on the outside of society, especially those experiencing homelessness. Throughout the last few blogs we’ve released during this collection, we’ve broken down all sorts of things about why treating people as if they were someone can make the world of difference and more.

When we choose to actively participate in making this difference a reality to those around us - the unknown names, the passing faces, and the strangers in our worlds - we take small but significant steps towards redeeming our humanity. Bold statement? Yes. But it is through this process that we recognise the worth in others, that we place value on the lives around us, that we see and acknowledge with empathy and compassion our fellow humans, and that by bringing life to the stranger, we bring life to the someone.

As we do this with an others-focussed heart, we simultaneously give ourselves a deep sense of what it means to be a someone too.

Below we’ve put together three easy ways to feel like a someone. We hope that you’ll take these and allow them to shape how you think of both yourself and others this week, and that they will help you to really and truly understand the value, the worth, the dignity, the love, the care, the compassion, and the humanity that follows the word someone and comes to life in its presence.

1. Know your value.


We live in a society where there are very strict standards that dictate who and what is valuable. Things like social media, the news, the latest trends, and bizarre crazes can sometimes feed into this and make it even more difficult for us to recognise our unique and abundant value.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever life looks like for you right now, we want you to know that you are SO valuable. As humans we are filled with so many beautiful details and intricacies that make each of us so special. We have to believe this in order to recognise, acknowledge and affirm the value that lives in each of us. As we do this, we develop an ability to see the value in those around us.

Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t love another unless you love yourself?” Well that’s a bit like value. It can be really difficult to see the value in the people around us if we can’t even see it within ourselves. However, when we are confident in the infinite value within us, we call out the infinite value in others. We bring out the someones within our lives and theirs; someones who are filled with great value, limitless worth and so much potential.

2. Recognise your purpose.

Everyone has different skills, different talents, different likes and dislikes, and different ideas. However, the one thing we all have in common is that we are all human.

While each of us has a unique purpose for our lives individually, we all share a collective purpose of protecting and nurturing our humanity. Albert Schweitzer summed this up beautifully when he said: “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”


This purpose is assigned to all of us. The heart of the Strangers, Made Someone. collection is to show people that when we, as Schweitzer says, serve, show compassion and help others, we bring to life the incredible beauty of our humanity. And in doing this, we bring to life the someone.

As you step into and towards this purpose, our purpose, you remove the external layers that make a person a stranger to you and you to them, and you replace these with the characteristics that recognise the someone in you and the someone in them.

3. Acknowledge the worth in others.


The best way to find the gold within yourself is to find the gold within others. Worth is a very humble attribute that doesn’t draw much attention to itself and each and every person in existence has worth. No matter what the world says, this worth isn’t diminished by faults or flaws, and this kind of worth doesn’t need to be proved either - it simply is.

When we spend our lives trying to focus on proving our worth to others, we end up running around in circles adding all sorts of external things to try and achieve this. More often than not, all this does is stress us out and make us feel inferior when we see someone whose exterior seems better to ours. True worth doesn’t ask, expect or require us to do this.

True worth is a little bit backwards. It is made even more glorious when our focus is not on ourselves, but on others. You see, when we seek out the worth in others through compassion, kindness, care, truth, courage, generosity and love, we allow our own worth to shine through. Like two diamonds in the rough, one diamond can only be cut and exposed through the work of another diamond. As one diamond is actively used to cut and sharpen the other, it is indirectly cut and sharpened itself.

The best way to feel like a someone yourself - filled with the worth and beauty and treasure of a diamond - is to find the someone in another.

As you go into the rest of your day, week or even this year which is still so fresh, put your focus on making those around you feel like they are someone. I guarantee you that in turn, you too will find and ignite the someone within yourself.


  • Juanita O'Neill said:

    Thank you so much for the amazing work you are doing .At this time more than ever we should be looking after people less fortunate than ourselves.

    June 03, 2021

  • Aine said:

    We are human.
    This is so lovely and thoughtful

    June 03, 2021

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