This month I would like to shine a light on one of our own!! This summer we have started a new initiative to work with our dead stock that has piled up over the last couple of years, products that weren’t used or surplus! 

As we know textiles as an industry is the second biggest contributor of pollution and waste globally, so the last thing we want are these products to go waste or lose the potential for use. So this sparked a conversation, how do we innovate and create with products that don’t fit the season or colour palette right now? We had to get imaginative! This was exciting a new thing for us, an instrumental part of this creativity came straight from Rebecca and so “Rebecca’s Revamp” was born! 

The first product was our brand new tie dye, we worked together to pick what we could use and what might work and Rebecca took it from there (look out for her own blog and “how to tie dye” on our own Oi products!). Because of this, a bulk of our once useless products have found a second life and new home with someone to love them! 

We fell in love with this process, and this has motivated more products to be born out of waste or mistake! So keep an eye out for the next revamp coming this September… 

Also, not to forget for those of you who are fashion fanatics that we have now entered “Second hand September” (I have included the link to Oxfam and more information on this below) ! We encourage all sustainable practices within fashion and this is why we are true advocates of Depop, so head over and re-home a product and give it a second life!! Although our products will not be second hand, with the imperfections they would become waste otherwise so require a second chance!  

Keep tuned for updates each month, the next few months will be very exciting as we announce our new supply chain and manufacturing partners! 

Christabel x,fair%20living%20and%20beat%20poverty.

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