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Deliveroo X OutsideIn


For those of you who don’t know, Deliveroo brings the best local restaurants directly to people’s doors. So how and why does a streetwear brand helping to rewrite homelessness link up with a food delivery service?

All shall be revealed…

Where it began

It all started back in November of last year when one lunch we all decided it was a deliveroo kind of day. Always looking for a bargain we saw a £50 voucher for signing up on their commercial account. All was good, we had our nandos but then a few days later we got this message below.

This conversation quickly led from anything to do with food to how could deliveroo get involved with our vision of helping those who were homeless. This started off with sending some giving products to their headquarters to hand out in their city, which was incredible (see the picture below).


Our team (Dani & Marc) wanted to take it a step further, how could deliveroo and OutsideIn best come together? After a few more conversations with Deliveroo we learned of the incredible project they had started during COVID-19 where as a company they vowed to raise £1 million to give meals to those who are homeless and vulnerable.

We had to get involved.

Wear One, Share One // Re-thought

Whether it be beanies, socks or hygiene packs, we always make sure that our giving products are relevant to the needs of those who are vulnerable. Due to COVID-19 there has been an increased need for hygiene products and food. So to best meet the need we decided our ‘Wear One, Share One’ is slightly changing.

So whilst we can’t give out our items physically, we still want to empower you to still spread hope & “share one” amidst the pandemic.


How does it work?

Across the UK Deliveroo will be delivering free meals to those who need it most. This means your purchases will be supporting the NHS, St.Mungos and Age UK, helping to provide meals to essential workers, the homeless community and the elderly all at the same time.

Meals will be provided by restaurants like Wagamamas , Pizza Hut, as well as local caterers ensuring hand delivered meals.

We are one of many companies getting behind this project, it’s so amazing to see so many organisations coming together to help those most vulnerable during COVID19.


When & Where?

Starting 10th April we are excited to launch our partnership with Deliveroo. This will be an ongoing partnership over the next few weeks to help meet the current need. Starting in London, this project will be making its way throughout the whole UK.

OutsideIn has always been about bringing the Outside of society in. To do this we are constantly looking at ways to empower you to help rewrite homelessness. We are excited to partner with YOU, wherever you are around the world, your purchases are making a difference in helping those who need it most during COVID-19.

THANK YOU for partnering with us and sharing hope.

The Oi Team.



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