For The Outsiders

 A New Collection By OutsideIn

Have you ever stopped to think about the world around you? Not just the people and the cities, or the hustle and bustle of both, but the rocks and the rivers, the sands and the seas, the mighty mountains and the hidden forests.

Well, when we were creating our new collection, For The Outsiders, that’s exactly what we did - we pressed pause and took in the beauty that surrounds us everyday, even when we don’t notice it. And the more we looked at the outdoors and all its hidden gems, we realised that outsiders are a bit like the outside.

Sometimes they’re the ones who don’t get much attention or the ones who go unnoticed. Sometimes they’re the ones who stand out because of their differences and all the quirks that make them unique. Sometimes they’re the ones who bring bravery to life, daring to do what hasn’t been done and finding a way to go where no one has gone. Like nature, the outsiders are a force to be reckoned with and a mystery that can’t be solved. They’re filled with hidden beauty, one-of-a-kind differences and a quiet but powerful strength that cannot be tamed.

This collection is dedicated to all those who are outsiders, and it’s a celebration of all the things that make them who they are.

Now, this wasn’t an easy design brief for our designer, but after a lot of time, thought and rough drafts, she created four unique designs that embody various aspects of nature, its hidden beauty and its messages of encouragement to all those who consider themselves outsiders.

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Dedicated To The Outsiders

As part of this collection, we created a poem that was inspired by and dedicated to the outsiders and the things we admire most about them. This poem is an ode to anyone who is courageous enough and bold enough to explore the world around them. They’re the ones who choose adventure and whose dreams know no limits.

This poem is for them:

The Designs

Each design embodies different aspects of nature. We wanted the pieces in this collection to evoke different emotions and to resonate with those who know the outside best.


Forest Floor Design

This design was inspired by the critters, creatures and crawlers that hide on the forest floor. Through it, we wanted to bring nature's smallest beauties to life. We loved the idea of creating a pattern that utilised micro-elements to create a larger picture as a whole.


Look For The Light Design


It’s easy to lose your way, especially in the great outdoors. This design was created to remind you to look for the light if ever you get lost. Whether that’s in the world around you or the emotions inside you, look for the light to find where to go.


Made For The Outside Design


This design was created for those who feel like they were made for the outdoors, those who live and breathe its beauty, and those who consider themselves bold adventurers, daring explorers and true outsiders.


Into The Unknown Design


For this design, we wanted to celebrate all those who are courageous enough to venture into the great unknown. This design resembles bravery, adventure, mystery, and the strength it takes to explore the unknown. 

(For those in Northern Ireland, the imagery in this design was inspired by the Dark Hedges!)

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We hope that you love wearing this collection as much as we loved creating it. It’s been months in the making and we are so excited to see it finally come to life. If you want to browse the designs and pick the ones that resonate most with you, have a look at the full For The Outsiders collection. Make sure to also take a look at our outdoor Hoodies and outdoor Fleeces, designed to keep you warm during your adventures in the great outdoors

If, like us, you consider yourself an outsider, remember that the outsiders are those who dare to dream, those who seek adventure and those who know the outside best - and to us, that’s the greatest place there is.


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