When you hear the words ‘giving back’ what do you think? Maybe your mind jumps to charity or volunteering? Perhaps it lands on donations or doing good? Whichever it is, giving back is something that every single person can partake in and it’s an activity that comes in countless different forms. 

Did you know that there’s even a globally recognised day devoted to giving back? Giving Tuesday or World Giving Day is an international event that follows the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday where the world shifts its focus from shopping to social impact. However, it’s not quite as well known as the days behind it! So, for those of you who are only just hearing about this day now, we thought we’d give you a little bit of insight into what exactly this day is, why we love celebrating it and how you can be a part of it too - no matter who or where in the world you are!


Let’s be real - Black Friday is fun and there are some wild savings out there that are too good to resist! But as much as we love to indulge in a good bargain or two (maybe a bit more…), it’s important that we recognise that for many people a Black Friday shopping spree isn’t a reality - in fact, sometimes even the most basic needs are not a reality.

While giving back at any time of the year is an important thing to do, Giving Tuesday is a time where there is a spotlight on the act of giving back to those in need. While it comes the week after the American holiday, Thanksgiving, it’s been adopted around the world because no matter where on the globe you are, there’s always people in need of a helping hand. By taking part in Giving Tuesday (no matter what that part looks like!), you help to generate awareness around the importance of action-orientated generosity and how it can change lives.


Last year we teamed up with the Instagram legend and kitchen genius, What Willy Cook to help cook for and feed the guests at our London-based Giving Partner, the Soup Kitchen London. Will cooked up a storm with the Soup Kitchen team and we served around 150 guests, giving them a hot meal and some filling snacks to keep them going, Oi thermal wear to keep them warm and, perhaps the most important part, we gave them love, care and recognition. By serving them we showed them that no matter what their circumstances look like, they are worthy of being cared for and that they are human too - just like us.

We even created a limited-edition line of clothing to celebrate the day! All profits generated from this collection were donated to the Soup Kitchen to help them with anything they need to carry out the incredible work that they do! On top of that, the Oi Team got involved to raise some extra financial support for the Soup Kitchen and all that they do. It was a great day dedicated to an even greater cause!

Read about it here!


This year we’re bringing back an old event that had to take a backseat due to Covid-19 last year. We were so sad to have to sit it out but friends, we got great news...


We are carrying Giving Tuesday over to the 12th of December for our Oi Fam & Friends Christmas event that’ll be hosted at The Man Shack in Belfast! This will be a day dedicated to helping those experiencing homelessness in the Belfast area and showing them that everyone deserves a Christmas to feel good about. 

So what will this look like? Great question. 

On this day we’ll be giving everyone who comes in the opportunity to get a professional haircut from The Man Shack’s hairdressers, a hearty meal provided by the mouthwatering burger joint, Tribal Burger, a chance to pick out their fave Oi items to wear with pride and there’ll even be an opportunity to have a professional portrait taken by photographer, David Cavan. But these are just a few of the things that we’re so excited to give these individuals the chance to enjoy. 

For us, this day is all about placing value on those that come in. Homelessness at any time of the year is difficult but even more so during the Christmas season because of factors such as the weather and the emphasis on being together with loved ones - a difficult thing for those who are facing the streets alone. 

It can be really easy to focus on ourselves at Christmas, especially when our Christmas plans get so busy! But we are determined to use the Oi Fam & Friends Christmas event to help society see that there are people out there who could use a helping hand and many of us are the ones who can provide that for them. 

When we hosted the last event back in 2019 we saw so many people come in heavy-hearted and down about life then leave refreshed and with a renewed sense of value. To us, that meant the world.

We know that this event alone won’t end homelessness for good but it sure will bring some immediate relief to a very difficult circumstance and it will help spread a message of hope. And that’s pretty amazing.



If you’re still intrigued and itching to know more about how YOU can play a part in making this event possible, then don’t stop reading just yet!

You may have heard about something called The Giving Store. This is a section on our online store where you go shopping for absolutely nothing…for you. 

But instead, every item you buy from The Giving Store gets given to someone in need! With the Oi Fam & Friends Christmas event around the corner, all items purchased from The Giving Store will be given out to those in need who come to The Man Shack. So whether you purchase something small or decide to buy out the entire store (we dare you… Just kidding. Well, sort of.), you’ll be making a direct contribution to this event and those it’ll help. 


The point is simple, if you want to join us in carrying the message of Giving Tuesday and more importantly, putting action behind our words, we would love to invite you to support our Oi Fam & Friends Christmas event by picking up something from The Giving Store. 

The Giving Store makes sure that every single purchase counts and goes towards something that is so much bigger than any of us. So, if you’re down for some giving back and ready to make an impact, we’d absolutely LOVE you to be a part of this very special event and the purpose behind it. 

Visit The Giving Store here!

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