We’re all familiar with the saying, “Teamwork makes the dream work”. It sounds great, rolls off the tongue nicely and makes a great inspirational poster. But have you ever considered that there is actually a great deal of weight behind this 5-word phrase? 

For however long you’ve been familiar with OutsideIn, chances are you know about our passion for social impact. In fact, you could say it’s the heartbeat of what we do and the reason why we keep doing what we do - basically social impact is a BIG thing for us. However, without a team of like-minded individuals, this impact wouldn’t be possible. At OutsideIn, we are all about teamwork and we have seen firsthand the power that it holds when it comes to turning dreams into reality. Teamwork is the backbone of our Wear One, Share One giving initiative, relying on the participation of our customers to help us give back to those in need and then collaborating with incredible charities to ensure this happens in the most effective way possible. Without teamwork, Wear One, Share One wouldn’t work.

Teamwork also fuels our interactions across our Oi Fam: a term we’ve coined that includes you, our customers, us, the staff, and those experiencing homelessness, the people we are determined to reach. Teamwork allows all of us, no matter how different, distant or diverse our lives may look, to work together cohesively carrying hope to all corners of the world and making an impact as we do so.

If you’ve seen our latest collection, The Colour Collection, you’ll have noticed that the social impact element of this collection seeks to provide a small but significant sense of relief to young children experiencing food insecurity and varying degrees of poverty. To provide this relief, we are donating hampers to the 72 children supported by our partner charity, Feeding Birkenhead’s Number Seven charity. These hampers have been filled with everything from top-quality food products, imagination-inspiring items such as toys, books and arts & crafts products, as well as some of our popular Oi favourites including our Thermal Beanies, Oi Socks and Kids Poms. It was so important to us to create hampers that wouldn’t just satisfy a child’s stomach but to create hampers that would give them a sense of worth, value and hope that will fuel them far beyond a single meal.

To say that teamwork played a massive role in making the development of these hampers would be the understatement of the century. For this collection, teamwork hasn’t just made the dream work, it’s made a difference too.

One of the biggest factors in the success of these hampers has been the mind-blowingly generous contributions from various brands across the UK. In total, ten brands have donated their products to help OutsideIn fill these hampers with the best of the best for these vulnerable kids. These contributions have added so much value to these hampers and we are so proud and grateful to have these brands on board with us as we brought the best relief possible to these vulnerable children and their families.

With the help of these game-changers, we have created 72 age-specific hampers so that each child has a special hamper to enjoy. For many of these children, their reality involves hand-me-downs, leftovers, scraps and afterthoughts; however, these hampers will give them their very own, very new, very special bundle to enjoy.

Thanks to the commitment and kindness of the teams across these brands, the team at our partner charity, our own team here at Oi HQ and of course, the team made up of you, our customers, we can make an impact that will rest of and inspire the lives of these children for weeks, months, perhaps even years to come. So from one team member to another, thank you for all you’ve done to support this collection and the children behind it.

Here’s to you, here’s to teamwork.

P.S. Check out some of the amazing brands that have made these hampers possible!

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