As the weather gets warmer, I’m pretty sure we can all relate to searching behind all our winter layers for our summer clothing (even if our opportunities to wear them are pretty scarce here in Northern Ireland 😂). Be it your favourite  Be it your favourite Oversized T-Shirt or your go-to Dad Cap, we all have our preferred summer staples that we look forward to wearing… 

We’re all pretty lucky that when those warmer days do finally come around (WHOOHOO!), we have a choice of things we can wear. Unfortunately for some, that’s not quite the case. However, at OutsideIn we believe everyone deserves to have the opportunity to choose what they want to wear - especially when the weather forecast throws a new temperature our way. With this in mind, we decided to revisit our giving products and look at the ways that we use them to create more opportunities for choice in the lives of the individuals who will receive them. We hope that this not only brings them a kind of dignity that only choice can bring but that it also brings them the comfort and support that their bodies need to handle the uncontrollable conditions - such as the weather - that impact them. 

So, in case you ever wondered how and why we use the giving items that we do, and why these items change with the seasons, here’s an inside look into what goes into making our Wear One, Share One initiative possible come rain OR shine ✌️


We started off by going right to the source of the change: our amazing charity partners! We reached out to 20 of our key partners, all of whom do phenomenal work to help those experiencing homelessness and who embody our core values in their day-to-day efforts in making a change. 

Working closely with these partners who spoke directly with their service users, we asked them to share detailed feedback through a survey carefully designed by the OutsideIn Social Impact and Fashion Teams, about how we could adapt existing products and create new products that would provide the most relief possible to those experiencing homelessness, particularly in these warmer months. By involving them in the innovation process, we were able to get highly-specific details such as colour, sizing, fit and fabric preferences to inform the designs of these giving items!

Once all the surveys were completed and the information compiled, our Fashion Team took the feedback and turned it into a reality!


Once we nailed the best sizing and fits, we got to work on details such as the colours of the items. We wanted these colours to be dictated by the preferences of those who would be receiving them so that these individuals felt and knew their desires were seen and heard. 

From the feedback, we could see that the most desired colours for a T-Shirt were white, burgundy and black. This showed us that there is definitely a desire for neutral understated colours - a bit different to the products we have in our store! 

However, to make these T-Shirts even more intentional, we created a brand-new logo, designed specifically to add value and detail to our Share One products. Like the colours, this design was informed by the charity feedback we received and so, you’ll notice that it is understated but still playful - perfect for inspiring hope!

Something as simple as a design significantly enhances the quality and value of a T-Shirt, and for these individuals, gives them something special to call their own. To add that extra bit of detail, this T-Shirt is also labelled, finished with a Tag of Hope, and comes in a variety of sizes from Small to Extra Large.

So, say hello to our brand-new Oi T-Shirt! Designed specifically for individuals experiencing homelessness and created with their unique desires, preferences and needs in mind. Plus, you’ll be able to get your hands on one too! We’ve always been challenged by the question: Would we wear something that someone experiencing homelessness is wearing? And with the launch of these T-Shirts, we are not just talking the talk but walking the walk! So… Would you?


For every one of these specially designed T-Shirts, as well as any of our summer outerwear garments, purchased from OutsideIn this summer, we’ll be giving another to someone experiencing homelessness through one of our partner charities.

So, here they are. We don’t know about you, but we think they’re pretty (REALLY) fantastic!

However, that’s not the only thing we got going for us this summer! We’ve also got some brand-new caps! And just like our T-Shirts, they’ve been designed with each charity’s feedback in mind! 

We were so surprised by the positive feedback for this particular item as we’ve never offered a cap as one of our giving items. To our surprise, 85% of survey participants said that a cap would be useful for the individuals whom they support.

This cap, a headwear alternative to our standard giving beanie, will be extremely useful in providing protection from the harsh summer sun, especially for those who find themselves sleeping rough. And just like our T-Shirts, each cap is finished with a label and a Tag of Hope.

And last but certainly not least, we have our SOCKS!

Did you know that a pair of socks is one of the most frequently and urgently requested items from the charities that we work with? Although they are an item that is absolutely essential for maintaining foot care, they tend to go unnoticed and are often forgotten when it comes to donations. Imagine having to wear the same pair of socks over and over again for days, sometimes even months. Seems unimaginable doesn’t it? Sadly this is the grim reality for so many people experiencing homelessness.

At OutsideIn, we believe that everyone should have the right to more than just one pair of socks, and so, we decided to bring back not only our classic black Oi socks, but to create a brand-new white tube sock option too! From our surveys, we could see that tube socks are in high demand and that there was a desire for both a black AND white option! And so, we addressed this desire by creating our new Hope Sweet Hope white tube socks - designed to keep your feet healthy and your heart hopeful!


We are SO EXCITED to launch these products! And even more excited to see them form part of our Wear One, Share One for the next couple months. This means that everything you purchase from OutsideIn over the summer will give one of the above items to someone experiencing homelessness. So no matter what you buy, or how big or how small your order is, YOU are making a difference 💛

Check out the chart below to see exactly how this summer’s Wear One, Share One works, and stay tuned for more exciting social impact updates coming your way SOON!



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