We Need You

“I can do things you cannot. You can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things”
– Mother Teresa

The journey of Outsidein has been a whirlwind adventure.
We’ve hit our 8-month marker, and it’s time to celebrate.

Over 1,900 beanies and wash-bags have been given to homeless charities across the UK. Thousands of bars of soap have been donated to the movement to bring dignity to those living in the harshest environments. People across the globe are sharing incredible stories of how they are making a difference in the lives of the strangers in their communities by choosing to stop and give them their time.

 Eyes are being opened, lives are being changed, and the movement to see the streets of our cities free from homelessness is rapidly growing.

We can’t help but celebrate. And we want to celebrate you.

You see, one of the main factors in seeing this dream become a reality is teamwork. Outsidein runs on community, and we can’t do this without you.

No movement that seeks to bring radical change to any society can ever be done alone. If we want to put an end to homelessness, we need a team who believe that selfless compassion can transform a broken society. That includes you.

In reflecting back over the last 8 months, our founder David Johnston remarked:

“Since the day we started I knew it was going to be more than myself or a few team members to make this dream work. This is not a movement of independent individuals; it’s a collective effort. Our efforts encourage one another, and this creates a “snow ball” effect. What excites me most isn’t the amount of sales, it’s the stories of feedback from people who have stepped out of their comfort zone and helped someone on the streets. Hearing these stories reassures me that the concept of Outsidein is working”

From sharing our vision with some of the most influential social media figures at the Power Video Conference, to educating younger generations at youth events across Northern Ireland, we have loved getting to meet new people and share our heart with you through the various events you guys have invited us to. Nothing excites us more than seeing new interests being born and people catching onto the importance of combatting homelessness together.

As a result, our team at Outsidein has expanded. The cohesive unit of various skills and talents that the team possesses paints a very exciting future. From gifted financial advisors, to exceptional photographers, we look forward to upcoming opportunities with confidence, ready to use these skills together to transform our fragmented society.

But this team doesn’t just stop with our volunteers. This team needs you.

You may not be the top photographer in the country or the next social media star, but you have a vital role to play in bringing change to your society.

We have been blown away by your stories of how you are bringing incredible impact to the lives of those who are homeless simply by giving them your time and speaking words of hope into their lives. Amongst the excitement of events, the boom of followers on our social media platforms, and the release of new products, we have been overwhelmed by your support and willingness to be a part of our community.

Thank you for believing in this movement.

When you truly believe in the value of accomplishing something, you’ll stop at nothing to reach your goal. We believe that no person should be treated like an outcast, and we are so thankful for a community of people who will go to all costs to see those living on the streets of their cities valued, welcomed, and loved back to life.

Alone, we can do little. Together, we can accomplish wonders.


- Judy Shaw

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