repurpose | riːˈpɜːpəs | 
verb [with object]
To adapt for use in a different purpose.

Have you ever felt that certain experiences, past circumstances, things you’ve committed to or things you’ve believed were a waste of time, energy and, well, life? I guess that’s one of the ways you can define regret: the sense of wasting an opportunity, a moment, a choice or your time. Contrary to this very common feeling, at OutsideIn we have always been advocates of the idea that nothing - no experience, no circumstance, no failure, no mistake, no past, nothing - is ever wasted. Bold statement? We guess so. But let us explain why.

As you probably already know, social impact is at the heart and focus of everything we do. And through our many social impact endeavours, we have found that many of the individuals experiencing homelessness that we help, often experience a sense of sadness that their lives are wasted because of their present circumstances. This couldn’t be further from what we believe.

To us, there is always something new.

In these encounters, we make it our mission to remind these individuals of what we believe and, more importantly, that we believe in them.

This June, we wanted to extend this meaning to our clothing and our customers. How will we do this, you ask? Simple.

We are officially dubbing this June as OutsideIn’s Repurposing Month! And it’s exactly what it sounds like it is! Sticking to the theme of taking things of the past and making them new, we are repurposing old stock in new and creative ways to give them a new lease of life! Each item has gone through a redesign process where we have thought carefully about every little detail and how we can use older details to create something totally refreshing.

Many of the items we have repurposed in this collection are either old stock or items we have an excess of. But instead of seeing it like that, we challenged ourselves to think of how these pieces, seemingly old on the outside, could be reworked into something with even greater value. By doing this, we not only wanted to bring to life our belief that nothing is ever wasted in a practical way, but we wanted each of these items to carry that message to every customer through every thread.

When you wear one of the items from this collection, we want you to be reminded that no matter what things in your life you feel are outdated or wasted, there is always a bit of new in the old. Sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper to get it out.

To bring these products to life (again), we are bringing our very best innovative thinking, creativity and out-of-the-box ideas to the table to create unique, repurposed pieces that represent the new: new purpose, new opportunities, new beauty and new hope.

From familiar favourites such as our Hope Sweet Hope Hope Sweet Hope Unisex T-Shirts and Sweaters to our more understated products like the Essentials Sweaters, we are giving all we’ve got to showing you that with us, nothing is ever wasted - whether that’s your circumstances, your challenges, your mistakes, your past or simply your clothing.

So, here’s to a month of being reminded of the beauty that lies within repurposing! And to a month of being reminded that when it comes to us:

There’s always a new story. 
There’s always a new purpose. 
And there’s always a new hope.


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