Wear One Share One Is Back!

As you may know, this summer we took a short break from our usual Wear One, Share One concept to focus all our efforts and the support we get from you on two major giving projects! After all you did to help us raise funds for The Bowery Mission in New York City, and how you supported us in completing a huge renovation of The Centenary House project in Belfast, we’re so excited to bring back the very concept that started it all: Wear One, Share One. And for those of you who are new to the Oi Fam, yes, it’s as easy as it sounds.


OutsideIn’s vision has always been set on rewriting the perceptions around homelessness by empowering society to be a part of this unique giving process - Wear One, Share One. Since homelessness is a global issue, we wanted to create a global solution that is founded upon our universal need for human connection.

With our Wear One, Share One model, we provide an additional giving item with every purchase made. This is the ‘Share One’ part of our story. We empower each of our customers to help someone in need by giving them the opportunity to share this item with someone experiencing homelessness. In times such as now when that might not be possible, we distribute these items to one of our partnering charities on behalf of you.




Before you wear it - let us tell you a bit more about how it all started:

At OutsideIn, giving is at the heart of everything we do and our Wear One, Share One model allows customers to have someone else in mind whenever they make a purchase. As a clothing brand, we believe that our products are about so much more than just fashionable streetwear. We are all about turning fashion on its head and asking the question: Are you willing to wear a brand that is also proudly worn by someone on the streets? We believe in encouraging our customers to realise that each person in our society deserves to be a part of a community that accepts us for who we are - no matter our circumstances. We want to create a community that sees the needs of those pushed to the outside and welcomes them in, saying to the outcast, “You belong.”

We don’t just want to bring streetwear back to the streets, we want streetwear to change the streets.


Since OutsideIn started in 2016, the ‘Share One’ side to our story has always been the most important. It was put in place not only to encourage our customers to give back, but to encourage them to break the perceptions and stereotypes around homelessness and to use the additional giving product to engage in a conversation with someone on the streets. We believe that conversations start change and change starts a movement and at OutsideIn, we’re on a mission to catalyse a movement that ends homelessness around the world.

By encouraging our customers to pursue these conversations with those outside of their world, we believe that we can create a contagious environment where stories are openly shared and happily heard, where hope is built up and passed on, and where dreams and skills merge to create practical solutions to create a better future.

While Covid-19 has prevented us from being able to send the additional giving item to our customers to give to someone experiencing homelessness themselves, we still encourage all those who purchase something from OutsideIn to take part in our family of change-makers and to open their lives up to hearing someone’s story. The more time we spend speaking to those experiencing homelessness, the more we understand that the greatest gift that we can ever give is our time. We strongly believe that each person’s story deserves to be given the time to be heard.

While you do that, we take care of the giving item and share it on behalf of you so that both you, our customers, and our friends experiencing homelessness are kept safe. While some things may have changed in how we do things, the giving itself will always continue. After all, it's the reason we started this in the first place!

We are not saying that our giving products or our social impact initiatives alone will end homelessness; however, we are saying that together we can spread hope, we can meet needs and we can bring the outside, in.

We’re doing everything we can to make sure that you still feel like you’re part of the 'Share One' journey, so to find out everything we’re getting up to and how you’re helping us to do that, connect with us across our social media platforms to stay in the loop!


At OutsideIn our mission is simple: Bring those on the outside of society back in.

We help people, help people by creating streetwear that empowers society to rewrite the perceptions of homelessness through interaction, connection and spreading hope throughout the streets.

We couldn’t achieve this without you.

Thank you so much for all your support so far! Through the help of you, our loyal customers, and our partnering charities, we’ve been able to create a community of change-makers on a mission to bring hope back to those who need it most.

So, here we go again.

Wear One, Share One - It’s the OutsideIn way of making a difference.


  • Alison Wolfe said:

    Hi, love what you do and wish you every success.

    June 03, 2021

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