Where your giving products go

At OutsideIn, our heart lies in the giving. We want to be transparent about who we give your giving products to and how it’s helping to rewrite homelessness across the globe. It’s something we feel is important. We also think if you know where your giving products are going, you can see exactly the impact that you are having on the world today. You are making a difference. 

So how does it work? Well, when you choose for us to give out on your behalf, we donate you giving products in two ways:

  1. Through the street team, who go out on the streets of Belfast twice a week.
  2. To partnered charities and organisations.

When we give out products to organisations we do not charge them a penny! The giving products and the shipping costs are covered by OutsideIn.

Why did we give to Charities/Organisations?

We donate your giving products to organisations that directly help the homeless or those considered hidden homeless (couch surfing, emergency shelters and hostels). Our donation of brand new products is a welcomed necessity by charities and organisations. It also allows for budgets to be reallocated to other areas of need.

So, what do we give?

From the time we started, we have always wanted to respond to the need that organisations tell us about, for example, hats. Hats were the first giving product that we ever released. Today, there is still such a need for them in the homeless community. A hat is helpful to beat the cold, and so we immediately decided that we would begin by keeping as many heads cosy as possible.

Soon after, we realised another need - blankets. Whether sleeping rough or in a hostel, each person on the streets needs a blanket. Everyone knows how amazing it feels to come in from a really cold day, grab the closest blanket and make a blanket cocoon. It’s a right of passage in winter. So why don’t we let those on the street in on that?

Socks. We all love them, and we all especially love a new pair of them (even more so when the washing machine eats them). Socks were something that a lot of organisations had requested, and so we rose to the challenge to create socks that we would wear alongside those on the street. And we did it. (Go check them out - we have a blog post dedicated to the beautiful things too).

Who have we given to so far?

Across November and December, we gave an astounding 8,048 products (including all of the products named above) to different charities and organisations across the globe. Some of these include:
  • Whitechapel Mission - 1109 products
  • Barnabus - 400 products
  • The Simon Community - 100 products
  • Just Love Newcastle - 189 products
  • The Man Shack - 350 products
  • OutsideIn Street Team - 500 products

We are immensely proud to play a part in each of these organisations, but really at the end of the day, it’s all down to you. Without your purchases over this period, none of this would be possible. You continue to make OutsideIn what it was always meant to be. A business with a purpose. And that purpose is giving back to those on the outside of society, and bringing them in. 


So what now? 

We have so much more to do. We are so excited to continue to partner with even more charities over the coming months and support them in their work to end homelessness. So here is a guide to some of the charities that we are partnering with over the next while, what they do, and how your purchases are helping them and their aim to rewrite stories across our lands. 


Storehouse, Belfast

Storehouse are based in Belfast and aim to help those in really difficult living situations with the really simple things that many of us just take for granted. They began as a food bank and have constantly responded to the developing needs of vulnerable people in Belfast. We are so proud to support them and the work that they do in the homeless community in the centre of our wee country. 


Storehouse Belfast



Tiglin, Dublin

Tiglin operate under a Christian ethos and aim to provide support and community to those suffering from addiction. They do this through practical ways such as addressing family relationships, aiming to help the whole individual and not just the addiction. They also run a ‘No Bucks Mobile Cafe’, parking at different locations around the city and offering food, hot drinks and clothes to those out on the streets. They have also developed Carrig Eden, transitional residential accommodation, aiming to launch individuals who have been through homelessness into a state of independent living.


Tiglin Dublin


Glasgow City Mission, Glasgow

GCM is the world’s first City Mission, using their Christian ethos to show love to every person that they meet on the streets and in the homes of Glasgow. They aim to help vulnerable individuals, whether impacted by homelessness, abuse, family breakdown or prostitution. They aim to help these individuals break free from their situations and live a life of freedom. They do this through their City Centre, Child and Family Centre, and Glasgow Winter Night Shelter, providing for anyone that walks into their care.


Glasgow City Mission


Trinity VDP Street Outreach, Dublin

Trinity VDP is Ireland’s biggest student charity organisation, and what an impact these guys have on the streets of central Dublin. They are located in the centre of the city, giving them such an opportunity to spread their message of hope and equality among the streets. These guys put on over 40 weekly activities surrounding their mission, and aim to address some of the social issues that are right on our doorstep.


Trinity VDP


Centenary House, Belfast

As part of The Salvation Army’s outreach, Centenary House aims to provide housing for men transitioning out of homelessness. They provide accommodation, care and support for those on the street, helping them push towards their full potential and eventually move back into their community. They have also developed a fitness programme, promoting physical and mental health among the men that are in Centenary House.

Centenary House


The Lighthouse, Dublin

Right in the heart of Dublin on Pearse Street, The Lighthouse provides hot meals for free to the homeless four days a week. They try to form genuine relationships with those on the streets through conversation and bonding over the one thing that we all love: food. These guys also have an open prayer room on Tuesdays and Thursdays, welcoming all who want to receive prayer. On Saturdays, they go around the city, providing clothes and sleeping bags to those in need.


Lighthouse, Dublin

Inner City Helping Homeless, Dublin

ICHH work to help those who are facing homelessness in Dublin. They go around the city and surrounding areas 7 nights a week, providing food, hot drinks and clothing to those in need. Most importantly though, these guys offer empathy and compassion, ears to listen and a simple chat to those they encounter. The volunteers spend countless hours simply chatting to those on the streets, making such a difference to those out on the streets.


Inner City Helping Homeless


This is just a snapshot of what we’ve been doing, and we have so much more to do and give. But it’s not up to us. You can help us do all of this and so much more in the future. This is a movement, and we don’t plan on stopping.

Become part of the movement. Shop now at weareoi.com.

If you want or know someone who would like to donate, or even if you know of another amazing organisation that we could connect with, please get in touch with Dani, at dani@weareoi.com.

So, from what we give to those on the streets, to who we have given to, to who we are giving to next, we’ve done a lot. And we are proud. But the work isn’t finished. We want to rewrite the story of homelessness across the world, and through these amazing charities, we hope to slowly inch closer to that every day. Go look them up, donate, give what you can and be part of the global impact on homelessness. Buy a hat or a jumper and impact a life on this planet, maybe someone you will never meet. But just know that through your purchases, you are making a difference. These charities and organisations are just the beginning of worldwide change across the homeless community, and boy are we excited to be part of it.


  • David Annand said:

    I work for a registered UK homeless charity in Surrey.
    Any chance we could be a charity you’d support?
    Please let me know and I’d be more than happy to send you more details.
    Kind regards

    April 17, 2020

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