By now all you Oi fam have become very familiar with our ‘Wear One, Share One’. This is where we empower you with an additional product to share with someone who is homeless in your city. This summer we have decided to dream bigger with our giving and inspire people to dream no matter what their circumstance. Say hello to WOSO (Wear One, Share One), a new way of giving. With every purchase you will be part of our exciting NEW PROJECT that will be taking place this month with The Bowery Mission in New York City. 

We are so excited to announce that we’re kicking off our giving with personalised DREAM PACKS for those experiencing homelessness. We wanted to make sure the giving back for this collection was tailored to this concept of dreaming bigger. We are making 150 personalised packs! We want to meet the individual needs but also help invest in the dreamer within them.

Now, let's take a look inside…...


Summer is officially here! Our new collection has a handful of items and we wanted to be intentional about choosing items that would benefit individuals who are dealing with the summer heat in NYC.

Using the same designs within our Dream Collection we wanted to keep the vision of Oi alive which involves creating fashion that ALL people can wear. We are proud to be able to provide the same items we sell to our customers to those experiencing homelessness. In doing this we strip away titles and send a reminder that we are all HUMAN. This minimalistic tee includes a simple but powerful message which is to “DREAM”. 


One of the highest requested items by homeless charities & organisations is…… SOCKS. This staple piece we wear in our wardrobe everyday can easily be overlooked. Our goal is to innovate and create the best giving products, so we wanted to make sure every individual had the highest quality pair of socks to call their own. Whilst it may seem simple, having a fresh pair of socks to put on your feet is a comfort that we believe everyone should have, especially those experiencing homeless.


COVID19 has impacted millions worldwide including the homeless community. During this time many charities & organizations took immediate action to assure their guests would be safe in and out of their facility. When we spoke to The Bowery Mission about how we can meet the practical needs of their guests there was an evident need in hand sanitiser. We believe it is vital to support the vulnerable at this time! Using hand sanitiser reduces microbial counts and kills many harmful germs that could infect the flu and other viruses. In order to keep these facilities a healthy and thriving environment, it's critical to provide for these needs.


How do you remind someone to stop and dream? We wanted to take the guests at The Bowery Mission on a journey to dream. We’ve included cards in each pack prompting each guest to put their head in the clouds, even if for just a moment. We want to encourage dreamers to dream again, as well as set goals for themselves, to pursue passions, and inspire them to look beyond their current circumstance. The same way we are encouraging you guys to dream bigger we want to make sure we’re doing the same for these individuals. 

We decide to share this message with these guests…. 

“It’s easy to look at where you are right now and think the odds are stacked against you. Your dream can feel impossible, you don’t know where to start, does it feel out of reach? We want to inspire you to dream YOUR dream. No matter how big. No matter how small. IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO DREAM!


During our hope campaign we decided to implement what we call “Tag of Hope” . These are messages we attached to our products that are meant to uplift, encourage and inspire you! For our new collection we decided to add tags of hope into our dream packs! We wanted to get YOU GUYS involved in the process, asking you to submit messages that would encourage dreamers to dream. These messages and encouragements will be handwritten on a dream tag and placed in the personalized pack. 


Taking it back to our original Wear One Share One product, we wouldn’t be OutsideIn if we didn’t share a beanie, right? Yes, putting a beanie on someone’s head isn’t the same as putting a roof over their head, but think of the value that person would feel if someone actually took the time to stop and give them a gift. Giving a beanie to someone living on the streets is not going to transform their life overnight, but it could be that one little step in the right direction to reach a bigger goal.


One of our dreams at OutsideIn is to inspire and empower our society to help bring those on the outside of society in. That people who find themselves experiencing homelessness or feeling outside of society would know their worth, that they are loved and would never give up hope. 

This collection we aren’t only encouraging you to dream YOUR dream, but also reminding everyone ALL people deserve to dream.

Thanks for your support in helping us to give back this summer!

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