It's Never Too Late To Dream


We have arrived at DREAM PT II! This summer has been all about inspiring YOU to dream YOUR dream. Our first collection was purposed around the phrase ‘KEEP YOUR HEAD IN THE CLOUDS’. We wanted to encourage everyone to continue to dream big no matter the current circumstance.

Next up is ‘NEVER TOO LATE TO DREAM’, another inspirational piece where we hope to inspire you to continue to dream no matter your past, background, or age.

Every collection we create comes with immense purpose so here’s the meaning behind Part II of our summer ‘Dream’ collection. Enjoy!

 never too late to dream

 The Meaning of the Collection

Nobody likes to hear the words ‘it’s too late,’ however we hear this phrase throughout our lives in so many scenarios; whether it be applying for a dream job, looking back at an old dream, or even when we try to learn something new. 

These words can take root and when they do... we begin to rethink all of our hopes and dreams.

When we are young the sky's the limit, we dream of being an astronaut, changing the world, having a family or even pursuing that bucket list of countries that we've always wanted to see. As time goes by, our dreams and aspirations start to slowly fade, the sky suddenly has a ceiling or others begin to tell us what we are capable of achieving.

We’re here to tell you IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO DREAM.

All of us are filled with passion and purpose! Nothing can stop you from dreaming! Yes there will be bumps in the road, slight detours or maybe you’ve found yourself off course, but dreams are kept alive by the small victories that you see accomplished as you go along the journey. 


Can homelessness really end? Well, if we were to take a look at the increasing global statistics it would suggest that we’re too late. When looking at our dream to rewrite homelessness we see rising numbers and immense need. At OutsideIn we continuously remind ourselves that; 

It's never too late to spread hope.
It's never too late to empower people to give.
It's never too late to dream.  

Maybe your dream feels further away than it ever could, that as time goes on it will become more impossible to achieve them. The same way we are all connected in being human, we are all connected by our ability to dream. We want this collection to remind you it’s never too late to dream! Despite circumstance, current reality, or what anyone has said to you we all deserve to dream. 



This collection started off with simply asking people who were experiencing  homelessness “what’s your dream?” So we wanted to make sure the giving back for this collection was tailored to this concept of dreaming bigger.

Dream Pt I’s giving was about giving back to those experiencing homelessness in New York by creating personalised dream packs to over 150 service users.

For Dream Pt II, we are taking our giving to a new level and with your help we are creating a lasting giving product that will impact hundreds of individuals in the future. We are going to create a space where dreamers can dream. This new space will be happening at Centenary House in Northern Ireland where we will redo their community room & create a “Dream Space” for all their guests.

If you haven't heard of Centenary House it's and incredible organisation that provides accommodation and support for single males experiencing homelessness as well as emergency beds for both male and females.

We want to remind our customers that those experiencing homelessness deserve to be surrounded by environments that help them grow and inspire them to dream. 

 never too late to dream design

The Design 

Starting this design we wanted to inspire others to defeat those mental obstacles that usually come in the way of trying something new. Feeling like life has passed us by is something we can all identify with, and something those who are experiencing homelessness feel too often.

When we started the dream collection, aiming higher than what is expected of all of us, is what we strive to inspire. The majority of voices tend to remind of negatives and obstacles in the way, we want to be the lone voice reminding ourselves and everyone around us it’s not too late, and you can be the one to decide whether you are flying or falling. If you’re flying, you’re taking that chance, you’re choosing the risk for the hope of the reward. If you’re falling, it’s never too late to catch yourself, never too late to reconsider and find your moment to fly. 

For the design, we included not only the illustration with our flying dreamer, but a segment of the meaning behind the collection, and a huge reminder to everyone you walk by that it’s never too late to dream. 

When can I get it?

NEVER TOO LATE TO DREAM launches 6/8/20. Want to be the first to get it? Make sure to sign up to our newsletter to beat the crowd!

We are so thankful for every single one of you who have joined the Oi fam, whether that be with a purchase, sharing our story, giving back to those who are homeless, we can't wait to share this new collection with you all! With immense purpose, meaning and crafted by the Oi fam, we hope you find a piece that helps inspire you to know it's NEVER TOO LATE TO DREAM. 



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