Social Impact Report - May 2020

Hey Guys 👋 Dani here! We’ve brought you another Social Impact Report, this one for the month of May! We are hoping that doing these each month of the lockdown will help give you guys an idea of what we’ve been up to. We want to bring you guys into our journey of seeing what impact we are making in our community and across the globe. We are learning so much about how to report to you, our customers, the ins and outs of being a social enterprise. Bear with us as we GROW!

Social Impact Reporting is a communication strategy used to convey the change created by an organization or activity, and how that change was created. 🤯

We know that you guys care about social issues and are passionate about change. We love it and we’re here for it! 😎

Wow! Thanks for caring enough to read through all this information! As we gather our impact and track our numbers we will be adding to each social impact report and after 2020 is over we will have a look back over all that's been accomplished this year! If you have any questions of feedback to help us on this journey feel free to email me at 

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